i have this guy i like at my high school and my friend just tells me to flirt with him, HOW?

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    trust me thi is a question that ive been asking my friends. just think of how you see other girls act. sure enough you`re veen a girl flirt with a guy (who is most likely out of her reach). smiling, touching him, laughing sweetly (annoyingly to oothers), and of course standing up tall.

    confidence fools guys. pay attention to your clothes of course, freaking out over looks is expected. running into the guy accidentally (purposely), and keeping eye contact. if you see him falling, limit him. dont make it eeasy for him to get you. as soon as you got him hookd, make it your game. good luck!

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    Flirting comes naturally. Basically get him alone or with friends, etc... talk and i'm sure you'll flirt without thinking about it. There's no set way to flirt... but you could try smiling lots, batting your lashes, complimenting him, etc. But be careful, you don't want it to be forced. Try to get comfortable because being nervous isn't exactly good grounds for flirting.

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    1 decade ago

    Smile and look at him in the eyes, when he returns the glance look away and smile like you're all embarrassed. Say "hi" when you see him, touch him on the arm, joke around with him, make him laugh. Most of all just be yourself and he should like you for you (without the flirting).

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    if you are friends with him just give him longer hugs then you would give others, smile at him, touch his hand "accidentally" while handing him a math book etc....

    if you dont really have anything to do with him then just smiling won't really help....but small talk will. theres always something you two have in common. F.e. you are both waiting in line in the cafeteria: say something like "Wow they take forever" and smile....

    just be yourself and dont worry because you have nothing to lose! If he doesnt like who you are he just doesnt and if he does then thats great! =)

    have a great new year and good luck with that cutie!

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  • 1 decade ago

    talk to him. be NICE, not mean.

    give off hints that you like him.. but not too many.

    just enough to make him wonder, and want to talk to you more.

    you get me?

    also depending on how old you are.


    make him CHASE you.

    but do that a little later on into the flirting after you have his attention.

    and then maybe.

    just maybe.. you should tell him you like him?

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    Uh like how you flirt

  • atbkkj
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    1 decade ago

    smile and talk to him really listen when he talks and laugh at everything dont come on too strong and try touching him on the arm or back when you are talking to him

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    you can smile at him, hug him, get closer to him, look at him etc. just make sure he notices you doing these things.

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    idk i dont flert lol but try 2 look in his eyes n play wit ur hair n laugh but not 2 much [it'll creep him out trust me ive seen it.... not a good thing lol] bab ur eyes a lil. maybe drop a pencil n bend 2 pick it up whoohoo lol

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    1 decade ago

    Smile, wave, etc n

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