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Does shopping at Hollister say anything about you?

Does shopping at Hollister say anything about you if you're a guy?

I know its a really preppy store, but those answers are primarily from girls and all that. I know theres a major difference between girls and guys. This is from a 14 year old.

What if you happen to just like a shirt there?

I know its a store loved by many, but hated by real surfers. >__>

or so I've heard.

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    Well, you're a teenager, its only natural. ^.^

    For guys, meh, don't care. It should t matter. Just don't get one of those GIGANTIC logo shirts all across the chest; that makes you look like a walking billboard, and therefore, you pay THEM to advertise. I hate that.

    Although, really feminin guys at my school shop there. But if its just a little something then its okay. Alot of people wear that stuff.

    This question has been asked MILLIONS of times in the yahoo answers. go ahead, search it. you'll see what i mean.

    And yeah, it is kinda hated by real surfers. Go to:

    Hope this clears it up. =]

  • wishon
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    I artwork at hollister. it somewhat is the dumbest shop set up ever. Its like it somewhat is designed for thieves. i don't comprehend why it is so dark and it has a extraordinary format additionally. O and its very loud. it somewhat is meant to be a laid lower back surfer sort ecosystem. we've approximately 30 or extra products stolen each and on a daily basis.

  • Rick R
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    If you shop for the name brand, any name, not just Hollister, you most likely have low self esteem. You are trying to conform to the pressure of people around you. The clothes you get in these stores is the same as the lower priced stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. I dont see anything wrong with wearing what you want to wear as long as you are wearing it for yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    Do you like Hollister? Then sport it. Who cares what people you don't know think. The older you get the less you care about the "thinks" of others. You are just as cool as anyone you have ever known. They just had the courage to "do it", "wear it", or "think it". You could easily set the trend. Have confidence and they will bow down to you. Rock on hard rocker. You own them.

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    It says you're shallow and have more money than sense. Why are you so obsessed with the name? A truly self-confident person doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks about them or what they wear. But you're too young yet to have learned that lesson, and some people never learn it no matter how old they get.

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    It means you've got money that you dont want to keep and that you'd rather spend 4 times as much for ruined looking clothes than getting two shirts of equal quality for $7.50 each at Aero. I shop there sometimes, and like some of their clothes. I don't think it makes you shallow or whatever, but they're too crowded and overrated.

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    It means you will pay a higher price for something from their. If you really want to spend money on a shirt you like, go for it.

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    That you'll waste all that money on a shirt that you only "just like".

  • Anonymous
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    Guys who wear Hollister are hott haha =]. I think it says you are kinda preppy, laid-back, & care about what you look like.

    Hugs && Kisses

    ♥ Abby ♥

  • Anonymous
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    wear what you like

    but don't buy it because it's a name brand

    I buy stuff I like from goodwill

    does that mean something bad about me?

    (other than the fact I'm a hippy)

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