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i have to sue legal aid legal aid says to sue legal aid how do i get a lawyer how?

lawyers that i can not pay say to get a lawyer

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    Before you sue an attorney what you need to do is to contact the local bar association and file a complaint. This puts the attorneys office under review, in your case it would put the legal aid office under review.

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    If you are looking at a big settlement, some lawyers will take your case on a contingency. Granted, you will get less money, but that is sometimes the only way to get a lawyer. Ask around. See if anyone will take your case for a larger percentage after the settlement.

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    It's almost impossible to sue a lawyer and win. If you have a lot of money to spend on legal fees, then give it a try.

  • get a lawyer from the next county legal aid

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    No, it isn't the fashion of artwork criminal help does. yet, a small business employer ought to think of two times approximately spending a gaggle of money on their own criminal expert to get a judgment against a individual who won't be able to locate the money for one. A judgment is in basic terms a splash bit paper if there's no money to collect. Plus they run a real possibility of dropping the case till they are able to instruct what you reported replaced into unfaithful. critiques are no longer libel. Opinion: "It looked like the fashion of eating place that could have rats scurrying over my feet" Libel: asserting, "Rats scurried over my feet." whilst they did no longer. they are in all possibility in simple terms huffing and puffing in the wish you will take down your evaluation.

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