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was australia a lucky country in 1960?

political, life, fun, wages and things like tht?

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    In 1960 and right thru the decade OZ was a lucky country tolive and grow up in.There was plent of work wages were reasonable for the amount of work you were expected to do.We surfed,loved,protested against the Vietnam War,some of went to that war as conscripts,the beatles arrived to tour,Life was layed back,you could leve your house and car unlocked when you left it and know it would still be intact when you came back.The EH and EJ Holden was king of the road.We listened to ElvisThe Beach Boys and saw the emergence of The Who etc

    IT was a GREAT place to live and yes we were lucky.

    Source(s): Personal Experience lived thru sixties and considered myself VERY lucky
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    Donald Horne wrote his book "The Lucky Country" in 1964 so the term was unknown in 1960. The opening sentence of the last chapter was: 'Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck.' It was a criticism of the country, its foreign policies, its White Australia Policy, the cultural cringe, the subservience to Britain that existed at the time.

    Fortunately things have improved considerably.

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    I lived in Australia in 1971-73. Politically it is a commonwealth of England, they have a prime minister. Life was very much like the U.S. in the 30's. wages were low and living was very inexpensive. The men were very base, naming the top three things in their life; Beer, Footie, (Aussie Rules Football) and girls in that order.

    I found them very laid back and very behind. They do like yanks mostly for the help we gave them in the second world war.

    Things are much different now. Prices have soared and they are catching up with the yanks.

    Source(s): World traveler
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    compared to USA, very likely

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    I think it's much luckier now that it's not such a backwater any more.

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