Why cant poeple accept the islamic faith as a true religion of peace?

why do poeple despise mohammad, he rid mecca of idolraters and preached peace and equality,,,

Why cant americans respect others beliefs, i am truly ashamed of being american and white

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    Which is your question, islamic faith or cheap shot at americans? I'll go with the cheap shot idea sparky, have a nice day.

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    Probably is mainly the result of keeping up with the news of the world.. Islamists are engaged in conflicts around the world, it their attempt to make Islam the world's religion.. The previous count of countries being invaded and terrorized was 20 but, now it seems there are other fires burning.

    If that is what you consider a religion of peace, I truly feel sorry for you. Taking over countries and municipalities is not a very peaceful overture.

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    First off just because you tell a lie over ane over does not make it truth. Muhammad never claimed to be a prophet. He actualy said i am not a prophet. Muslims kill in the name of allah, Allah is not God. Allah means " in submission to" It is not a name of God nor has it ever been. It comes from the pagan moon worship from the 600 AD from Egypt. Upon studying the Quran you find nothing indicating it is from God period. Actually what you find is hate directed at two groups christians and jews. Interesting that this faith was born after Catholics started murdering millions of muslims who had been killings millions of Catholics. Mohammad is a murder and a pedofile and not a prophet at all. He got his information second hand and never did a single merical. More then that he was a sexual pervert per the reading in the quran. In the quran he states it is ok to have sex with a 4 legged animal. And he states it is ok to kill some one who does not convert to your faith. He is quite sick if you really study his teaching. He to put it simply is a Wack job a nut 100 percent of the time. This Quran could not be any more full of satan then it is this book is authored by Satan and has nothing to do with God.

    I got news for you not only does America not respect you no one respects you. And you should be happy i am not in the middle east because i do not play well with terrorist.

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    Because what we see everyday and how they treat there women like chattel Not to mention 9-11 where there innocent people killed states right in the religion you shouldn't kill innocents. They did any way .He may have taught peace but a good majority doesn’t follow it.

    I'll be honest I also hate how I have been treated personably by people of the Islamic faith I had one insist hitting on me and refused to stop even after I told him I was very married a nice girl and didn't fool around Had to call in my husband to threaten him just so I could do my job at work.

    Caught an Islamic lady stealing from work and out of my purse.

    Went in to 7-11 and this guy refuses to take me next when I am next in line. Even the guy from China said I was next .He made me wait though 15 guys. Then the next day he tried the same thing with a biker chick she was in front of me and he refused to serve her. She said to him well I guess this big gulp is on you.Threw the drink on him.

    Then my husband a doctor who is not judgmental of any one who taught at a private collage where he caught many of the Islamic students cheating and they threatened to sue if kicked

    Out. I am beginning to get the feeling that from all the ones I have met they feel they can Buy steal cheat and treat American women like ladies of the night.

    Maybe when Islamic people who live in the US Would respect our ways they would be better respected.

    Maybe if they truly followed there Islamic religion.

    Sorry to say I haven't met one Islamic I would trust with my money kids or business why don't you set a trend and follow your religion and get after those who don't in your religion

    Well you asked

    Source(s): personal experiance
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    It's not as much what he preached, but his actions in the scriptures of the koran, and how people act that currently say they are believers in islam. Christianity has it's down side at one time too, we had the crusades and countless other times where cristianity was the foundation of horrific things. Seems like only budda can hold his head up high from this perspective though. I do respect the faith, but I also believe people should have a choce too. In these countries you are ridiculed or killed, even called insane if you were looking to seek the truth elsewhere. If it were truly a religion of peace then you would have no need to force people to participate in it.

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    9/11 changed the world. All Muslims can thank Mr Bin Laden and other Islamic extremists for the negative feelings that they have brought upon Islam. Why can't Americans respect other's beliefs? Have you heard the latest terrorist threat of, 'Convert to Islam or die'? Perhaps you only see what you want to see.

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    1 decade ago

    This is how we can: Each time an islamic terrorist does something horrible in the name of Islam, get all moderate muslims to protest openly and loudly in the streets. Each time an Islamic theocracy in the middle east marginalizes women's and other human rights, protest. And -- best of all -- never ever have the moderate muslims play victim and wonder why there's a negative perception of Islam from the west. Instead, have them accept responsibility and take action against the terrorists and theocracies. VERY IMPORTANT: if anyone in the united states with a sophomoric understanding of life decides to try and divert the responsibility for this to westerners, cut-and-paste this answer and tell them that their actions are deluded and self-serving (they're trying to establish their own specialness with an attempt at the moral high ground).

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    The reason people do not respect the Islamic faith is because of many reasons. One reason is that the media and the President have made the Islamic faith look like all we want is to kill when that is not the reason. They despise the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) because he had to fight for what he believed in and they think he is a murderer when he did a great thing by ridding Mecca of all the Idols except for Allah. To common misconception he did not preach by the way of the sword he had to kill a few people along the way because they wanted to kill him.

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    There is no way people will see Islam as a religion of peace. As long as American is A christian theocracy with its democratic constituions control by extreme christian rights, There will be no mercy shown upon muslims. Muslims will always be despised as moon god and pagan worshippers. Not all pastors in America are bad. There are also peace loving pastors in America.

    Now look at Mr blue sky above me. look at him. look at his speech muslims. Isn't he full of hate ?

    Muhammad has the right to marry Aisyah at the age of Nine.If king Joshia have the right to be king of Israel at the age of 8 , why can't Aisyah be Muhammad's queen at the age of 9 ? Bear in mind, he was not just a prophet, he is a king of Arabia. He united the whole tribe.

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    The hard evidence is that Mohamed was a violent man and gave birth to a most violent religion.

    There has been no Peace in Islam since it was born and when they kill their fellow Muslims - they first submit them to terrible tortures - just go to Bagdad and see for yourself. In addition they destroy each other's sacred places of worship and all this is condoned by their Priests.

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    Honestly I feel that most Americans would and could, if only they would see more and more Muslims denouncing the violence that "Radical Islam" has set forth, and be vocal to point that the Islamic people in the Middle and Far East see it and are affected by it. Until then, they will not see Islam in a positive light.

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