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Need advise for Gears of War...?

im stuck on ACT 3 on the part where you have to get in the little carts. i keep dying because wretches keep falling in my cart and exploding! help!!! (NOTE: i am trying to finish this act on insane. ive beaten every other act on insane except this one. this part is the only thing that is stopping me from completing the whole game on insane.

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    I would use the regular gun with the chainsaw, the shotgun doesnt have good long range so u wont be able to shoot the wretchs before they get to your cart

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    When your in the cart look up on the ceiling and shoot the wretches before they come into your cart and explode, that's how you'll get farther. Also when you see the boomers duck down the whole time otherwise you will die.Good Luck =)!

    Happy New Year!!!!!

    Source(s): Me, i beat the game on all difficultiys!
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    i use the shotgun when i first played that act/chapter from there was a reputation as 20 year old miracle

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    use a shotgun blindly

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