how 2 forget the 1 u truly love since u 1st met him?

i know him since were in elementary....& love him wen im in gr. 5 but i dont know wat 2 do 2 forget him cuz my bestfrend alredy had him...its sad 2 say that he lyks my bestfrend...but i rily think that i luv him more than my frend love him..... :( .....plsssss i nid an advice....

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    1 decade ago
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    omg been there. so not easy i know. but who do u value more a friend or a guy? if u love him u learn to wait and i know u dont want to hear it. i thought i loved some1 tht my friend was going out with so i waited . and along the way i met this great guy who became my bf. so wait and value friendship be4 a guy. best of luck and happy 2007 !!! <3

  • 1 decade ago

    You can forget him, yes. Along your life, you'll meet many boys and men who will seem like princes and unforgettable. Try to have fun, make many friends, and believe it: there will always be someone special for us. Always. When we believe there will only be one, we make him seem like a diamond. But nice girls and women are so valuable! Try to appreciate the nice in other boys. And in having fun. Our best love relationships are born out of friendships. And you have a long life ahead of you, girl! Send you a big hug!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm still getting over my x so just try not too look at him or think

    of him and definitely don't talk to him tell your best friend that

    you are over him and if they date hang out with him maybe he'll

    like you again

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