i need help!! which one shud i buy? ZUNE or IPOD?

i hav had 2 ipods. i sold my first and my friend broke my other. So now i am ipod less. i still have itunes. I continue to get it updated and add songs to it. I saw an ad for zune and got interested. If i were to buy a zune could i still transfer my itunes song to the zune and the videos i have made onto it without any problems? Is it worth it? will i be able to buy games and such from the zune store? can i convert my music videos and games , tv shows, podcasts, etc to my zune? or will only the songs be converted? will i have to buy another software to do this? how much will it cost? SHud i just stick with apple? I really like a music video the zune came with but unfortuanetly itunes doesnt have that music video and i cant find it anywhere. It is called Faster Kill Pussycat feat. brittany murphy by Paul Oakenfold. If anyone knows where i can save it to my comp for free that wud be great. i dont do limewire or that stuff. Please HELP! and add your opinions on wat i shud get!

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    of course, ZUNE!!!!

    look, does ipod has radio, wifi, 3 inch display??

    well, ZUNE has all of it!!

    and now, why does evri bodi love ipod,??

    cause it has an attractive look!!

    but zune does not have it!!

    it has the performence!!

    The first model of the Zune device comes equipped with a 30 GB hard drive, built-in FM tuner with Radio Data System, a 3 inch screen, and Wi-Fi networking. In terms of audio formats, Zune supports MP3, WMA and AAC. Zune supports Microsoft's WMV movie format, and Zune software will transcode MPEG4 and H.264 video to synchronize to the device.[1] Preloaded music, videos, and images ship with the device.

    ZUNE IS WAY MUCH POWER FUL THAN THE POOR IPOD!! but because of it's look, it failed in market!! i could bet, if it has a good look, then it could KILL i POD!!! that i could bet!!


    Ability to send photos, and some music files (not all music files may be shared) from Zune-to-Zune via Wi-Fi. Sharable music files can be played only a maximum of three times on the device, and expire after three days whether they are played or not. [2] Recipients cannot re-send music that they have received via the sharing feature.[3] Photo files may be shared without restriction.

    Ability to flag tracks received from Zune-to-Zune transfer, a tool used so that a shared song may be purchased from the Zune Marketplace after it has expired.

    Ability to play videos and view pictures.

    Updateable firmware.

    "ZuneTags", a field changeable username/profile visible to others who wirelessly scan the area for fellow Zune users.

    The wallpaper on the Zune can be changed to any user-specified image.

    The Zune will play standard podcast files, which are usually available in unprotected MP3 or AAC format. However, the Zune software lacks full podcast support, such as a directory and automatic downloading via RSS feeds. The Zune Team, however, has promised complete podcast support in the future.

    The player software will automatically convert audio and video in a format not supported by the Zune into a format that is. (e.g. a video with a resolution of 720x540 will be converted to a resolution of 320x240 if necessary).[6]

    Able to show other Zunes nearby what you are listening to or doing through advanced settings.

    Support for Zune Digital Rights Management (DRM) (incompatible with other DRM schemes).

    Able to add songs to a quick playlist without reconnecting to the Zune software.

    Built-in FM radio, capable of showing song information on supported FM stations using RDS.

    i am disagreed the man top of me was saying ZUNE sucks!!

    well, YES!! ZUNE SUCKS!! as i said, it has a bad look!!

    but, mark my WORD!! ZUNE ROCKS!! people just don't know it!!

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    You must most likely buy the Zune! The Zune, as you mentioned, has a radio and is so much more cost-effective. If you lose interest together with your own tune every once in a whilst, you can just flip to your radio and take heed to some thing new. The iPod does now not have an alarm, you may have got to purchase a seperate speaker method for that, which might fee at least a further $a hundred. Once I had an iPod, it would at all times freeze up. It has so many problems, and there are regularly new merchandise coming in. While you purchase an iPod, a different new, better variant of it will come out proper away before you comprehend it. Now i have a Zune, and i am very glad with the satisfactory of it. I've in no way had any problems with it. I also like that it is not as easy to get dirty or scratched up as is the iPod. The iPod has a steel surface that gets without difficulty dirty with fingerprints and what now not, at the same time the Zune has a floor that doesn't keep fingerprints. It is more scratch-long lasting.

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    well I bought a black Zune and love it. But I don't think anything from iTunes will switch into the Zune software, because it's protect and all from DRM. Especially podcasts and games, Zune doesn't do that. I never used iTunes, so I have no idea. I guess you could get a converter like everybody else said. There are some really good things from the Zune that ipod doesn't have, and they are pretty great features. Just buy a Zune and try it out, and find some converter. If it doesn't work out, I guess you could return it and buy another ipod, and hope it doesn't get broken.

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    if you buy zune you cant take songs from i tunes.....apple made i tunes just for there product.....you will need to get all the songs again.


    Wrong, right, wrong.

    You CAN transfer songs from iPods to Zunes as long at the songs aren't DRM'd with Apple's FairPlay.

    Yes, I'm sure Apple made iTunes just for their products. So what?

    No, you DON'T have to get all the songs again from iTunes unless you just feel like throwing your money away.

    There are numerous ways to "un-DRM" songs downloaded from iTunes. Hint: Google is your friend.

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    duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you gotta go with the zune because it has way more features than a stupid ipod. you can send music to another zune holder wireless in just seconds. dude if you go with ipod you are going to make a mistake cuz the ipod has problems with it.

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    Personally I'd look into a Creative product. They're super-reliable and less expensive. I've had my Zen Micro for over a year and it's still doing fine. Hopefully I've been of some help.

    Here's the link to Creative's Mp3 players....


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    ipod.....ipod....if you buy zune you cant take songs from i tunes.....apple made i tunes just for there product.....you will need to get all the songs again.....zune is the number one ugliest thing i have ever seen.....

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