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Which fan do I need for my processor?

I have posted about this before and am now convinced my PC is running hot as the fan noise is getting to be intolerable.

How do I upgrade my fan to a cooler, more efficient unit?

I have a Compaq Presario 5430 US - its a 1.8 Ghz Pentium 4 processor.

Which fan is best for my specific processor?

Is there a site which will help me identify the right fan for my processor?

How do I assure that the fan voltage is compatible with my power source?

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    it would be better to purchase an original Intel fan

    if not you can purchase any other P4 support fan with heat sink

    you won't have any problem within Voltage ( all of them use 12V with 0.2A )

    but it would be better to use a 0.6A ( these are written on the label of Fan )

    but I recommend you to use a normal CPU fan (0.2 A) and a cases fan ( 8X8 ) near your fan

    if you have a desktop case : fix it above your CPU Fan

    if you have a tower case: fix it at the back of your case stright to the CPU fan.

    ! : use a fan which flows the air out ( Left to Right circleing )

    because if the Temp in the case goes down

    CPU temp would go down too ( Ideal : 45 ~ 60 C )

    and system would not put pressure on the CPU Fan to make

    CPU cooler and it leads to noise reduction too when CPU. Fan

    circles slower.


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    I would recommend the Zalman CNPS7700 Alcu, which you can get for around $30 . It's big, quiet, cools great, and even has a speed adjustment unit. You can set it's fan speed to the lowest setting and it becomes almost completly silent and still cools great. It's a bit complicated to install though, and make sure your case and motherboard meet the space specifications on Zalman's website (Its HUGE). Do some research and check out the different options at newegg.

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    The bigger the fan, the better, you want 80mm or 120mm.

    Your CPU is usually 60mm, so you'll need a 80mm or 120mm heatsink. The larger the fan is, the quieter it is at the same cooling rate.

    The rate to measure cooling is CFM (cubic feet per minute) and for your CPU you only need about 25cfm. The higher it is above that, the louder it gets.

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    this is by far the best site for PC hardware, software and everything in between. you power supply will tell you how many watts you computer can handle. CPU fans do not take up that much power to begin with so i think you will be alright with whatever you choose

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