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guys listen up! i need to find out a knew way to turn my boy friend on befor i make my move ?

anything is kool!

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    Don't do anything. From what you are suggesting, what you are doing is morally incorrect if you are not married. Even if you are not going to do the deed, the actions you are suggesting will eventually lead up to it.

    Think about this: Are you willing to give up somthing cherished (your body) for someone who you can't count on being with you next year, or even next month?

    Please, do us all a favor, and wait untill you are married.

    Edit: In repsonse to all the people that responded to my comment.

    A person SHOULD cherish their body. They were made one of a kind, and there is noone like them in the world.

    In response to it's too strict, I'm just trying to save her heartache. Imagine giving someone the key to your house, and they live there for a while, before the set the place on fire and leave. You would feel betrayed because you gave them something irreplaceable, and you thought you could trust them, but they aren't even around to help you pick up the peices.

    And I am NOT old. Infact, I'm a young teen who values her earthly and spiritual posessions.

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    ok, i really hate it when people do not answer the question(sort of like i am doing right now, but i gotta call people on it, if people wanted to hear that crap, then go to the appropriate site!!!!) and instead offer their opinion about the situation. how do you know that she charishes her body, and get with the frickin century would you grandma? anyway, to answer the question, find out what turns him on and do it. or just grab him by the d!#k and say "lets go". works for me!!!!! good luck

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    lay on him rub up against him

    to Charlotte that's nice wot u say

    is this some sort of celibacy thing

    why do u say no u should not done

    wot ur doing its good for a point of

    view but if its religious its too strict

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    Try a little striptease in something sexy. If I had a gf that done that for me,(sexy growl) I would definitely get turned on.

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    Try out your moves on me

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not a "guy" but I know what will turn any man on. Dance for him wearing something sexy.

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    you could rub on his chest or say something that he only dreams about

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