Wlhat funny stories do you have about getting along with an engineer?

For example - I once sent my engineer out to buy yams. He asked me "what size?" - I said "any size." When he came back he had a little one, a big one, a huge one, and one with a very strange hook shape. "what's this I said. You said any size he replied. "Yes, but not every size," I responded. I had given him specs, but not complete specs as what i had wanted was Yams of one size, whichever size he choose.


Woops - miscategorized - this was meant for general relationships - not singles and dating.

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    That is funny. I don't have a specific story, but can relate. I have an engineer too, and in every aspect of life he is precise and everything has to be detailed and a certain way.

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    not a singles or dating question

    and really just kinda weirded me out

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    that is different

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