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Period Question *GIRLS ONLY PLZ*?

when I had my period last month. there was a day that I filled a whole tampon in less than anhour 2 tampons in an hhour to be exact. then the nexy day it was normal. so I canncelled my DR's appt.. well I am at it again and its heavy maybe 1 every 1 1/2 hours..but there are big clots and alot...... any suggestions? I mean I am goina go to the ER in the mornin. I am 17. I would like to know if something is wrong. I mean I think something is I talked to my sis she said I need to go to the DR.. and I am going to.., and I have had like hot flashes. I get sooooooo hot for a few minutes. than I am back to normal. my crampin isnt bad. I took midol and it helps me..

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    maybe try the next larger sized tampon

    for your heavier days

    if it doesn't hurt, there probably

    isn't anything wrong

    buy the box with the different sizes

    so that you can use the smaller ones for

    your lighter days

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    wow....umm...i think u should just go to the doctor!!!!

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