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How do I get the noise law in Los Angeles changed?

I am trying to get my city councilmember, Ed Reyes to change the noise law, Chapter 11, Article 5, Section 115.02b. It exempts churches from the noise code. So right now they can be as loud as they want whenever they want.

Divine Savior Church in Cypress Park put up an amplied sound system that blasts a tape recording of their organ music, chimes and bells from 4 bullhorns on top of the church. They blast it 7 times a day everyday of the week. It is very loud and annoying. The priest has also refused to lower the volume or make any changes. LAPD cannot do anything. I need a change in the law. Ed Reyes told me he will not change the law. So, I am stuck hearing 4 bullhorns into my home all day every day.

Please, please help me STOP THE BULLHORNS!!!


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    First, you do not want to respond by making equal noise as suggested by one person in here. Under the Ordinance, they are exempted, you are not.

    Second, don't bother trying to convince one city council member to support your position. Go for the council itself.

    I would suggest making a video recording which illustrates both the volume of the noise and the proximity from your residence to the church. Make sure that the recording is convincing in terms of the level of noise and its effect on your neighborhood.

    Then gather any neighbors who are also concerned and discuss the matter. It is important to unify when confronting a situation like this. Once you have determined who will support you, contact the city council and request a time slot on their agenda at the next city council meeting. Bring your video tape and your supporters to the meeting and express your concerns in a rational, logical manner.

    In the event that the council disregards your complaints, you may want to suggest that the Ordinance is Constitutionally discriminatory on its face. Don' t resort to this unless they reject your commen sense approach. If they reject it, tell them that you have no other choice but to pursue the matter in court.

    An Ordinance which allows a religious-based entity to act in a manner which would violate the ordinance if any other member of the public so acted appears unconstitutional on its face. If you want to pursue this, however, you (or your neighborhood) will need to hire a lawyer who specializes in constitutional and municipal law.

    Hope this helps and best of luck. By the way, I have to tell you that although I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and anything that I wrote here is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with an attorney regarding the details which were not posted here.

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    well im not sure but. maybe you can get alot of people around your neighborhood who is tired of the noise and they can go with you to tell the priest to lower the volume. or you can fight fire with fire and get your own sound system and play it as loud as you want... maybe get some heavy metal that will go over the bullhorns noise. lol worked with my neighbor

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    Here is my sugestion : " Go out there,gather together as much people as You can get; invite the pastor for a meeting with a good number of people from the community,and deal with the pastor face to face. Try it,You may resolve this situation . HAPPY NEW YEAR . ''ROCK ''

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    it is easy .it won't change ,so you can try to change yourself .when you feel noisy ,listen to music ,do something peaceful .don't care about it ,anyway ,i think it may be not practical to change the law unless you are the president .so is it!

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