Has anyone else gotten a neg. pregnancy test when they really are pregnant?

I have all the signs and i feel pregnant and this isnt my first pregnancy i just have those feelings but i took a test last week and it said NO! But i feel i really may be my period was off last month so does that mean it threw my ovulation off and could i still really be pregnant. I plan on retesting tomorow becuase i was due to start on the 21st of december and still nothing....please help! And would tomorow be enough time to recheck if i am?

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    Yes. We had been trying for a couple of weeks and I just knew I was pregnant, but the test said negative. I tested 3 days later and it was positive. I used two tests both times.

    Be sure and test first thing in the morning. The results are better then. Good Luck!

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    YES!!! It is very possible that you are pregnant, and your HCG levels are not high enough to be detected by store bought kits. I had two negative pregnancy tests in august, so I just dismissed it. In Sept, I still hadn't had my period so I went to the doctor. I am now 21 weeks pregnant with twins. So it all does depend on when you test. Wait a week and test again, or go to your doctor and gat a blood test. A blood test is completely accurate. Hope it helps!!

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    Give it another week, and then retest. If you still haven't started then you need to go get a blood test. I was almost 10 days late when I took my first test and it came up negative. 5 days later it came up 2 pink lines and was confirmed by my dr. I now have a beautiful 10 month old little girl....

    dont forget to test with mornings first urine.....i know it says you can test anytime of day, but they ususally have the highest levels of hormones.

  • I did very early into my pregnancy. I took it I had intercourse with my ex, and negative. Then... I was still missing my period. So 2 weeks later I took it again, and low and behold, pregnant. I took ANOTHER test at a doctors office and it was the same. Your best bet is to get a test from a doctor, and not to rely on store bought tests. Good luck!

    Source(s): I had it happen. :P
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    My daughter took three home pregnancy tests which said negative, she then went to the doctor and they did one and found out she was pregnant with my grandson. A friend of mine never could get a pregnancy test to work for her, at home or the doctor's office, they had to do a blood test. So if you think you are and it says your not, then go talk to your doctor, that's your best bet!!!

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    my friend's mom didn't know she was pregnant with either of her children until she was 6 and 7 months pregnant, she kept getting negative results via home testing. The dr had to confirm it both times, by then she was feeling the baby both times then knew for herself.

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    Nope, showed up every time even really faintly when I was less than a week along.

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