how do you get a good agent?

i want to be a actor really bad and people tell me that i need a agent first but, i can't find a good one! and i can't find one at all!

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    Find out who in your area is an official SAG agent, anyone else is out to get your money. Contact the agent and see if they will allow you to set up an appointment to see the person in charge of booking. Tell them what you look like and a little backround about yourself. If they agree to meet you, remember to show up on time or early, dress accordingly and it would be helpful just in case if you've memorized atleast a 1 minute monologue and a 30 second commercial. If you already have a headshot and/or resume bring that with you.

    If they are not willing to meet with you right away, that's ok. Don't let it get you down, start taking classes, workshops and try to participate in the local entertainment community. Keep plugging away by networking and building that resume and the agents will want you.

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    The finest actors in the business are also very intelligent. After all they are in the top 1% in the industry. So when I see the way you wrote your question, it seems like you need some heavy studying before you even attempt to pursue the most sought after and hardest to get job in the world.

    After you learn the basics in spoken and written language you may try becoming a really good actor first before you get an agent. When that happens here's the way to go. You get a showcase somewhere in L.A., then you go to Samuel French bookstore in Hollywood or in Studio City and get the breakdowns for agents. They will list which agents are looking for whatever you might be. Start sending pic/resume and inviting them to see you in your showcase. That's the hard way. The easier way is to ask someone you know in the industry for a job or a chance to see an agent.

    Agents have an uncanny way of finding true talent so work on your craft first.

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    I agree with these guys. But let me add that the best way to find an agent is to not be desperate looking. Right out of college I chased an agent because I thought without one you were sunk. However, my opinion is to just be as talented as you can, and let the agent find you. Get a job for a while, keep making money, do what you love on the side until you have the chops to move to the next level. It took me actually getting published on my own before I got a call back. A good agent isn't going to waste his time on someone who isn't ready.

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    Audition and book the acting job as often as you can. Continue to perform until you resume is filled with strong acting roles. at good theatres, in the area where you live.

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