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Whats an abortion???


I know that it a way to murder ia child bwfore it is born!

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    its when a pregnancy is stopped at any point from the first day to the day the child can live outside the mother on its own.

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    An abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by the removal of the fetus from the womb. But contrary to popular belief, it is not always deliberate. You can have a spontaneous abortion when for some unknown reason the woman's body rejects the fetus and it comes out or aborts. This can be called a miscarriage or an abortion. An abortion is not always a bad thing.

    P.S. It is not a sin or at least it is not up to us to judge. Its a womans body and she has the right to chose what to do. If it is a sin, she has the right to chose whether to commit that sin or not. Every situation is different and don't let the Bible thumpers tell you what is a sin.

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    An abortion is a procedure by which they dialiate your cervex and use a spoon shaped intrument to scoop out any products of conception that may be in there. It's refered to as a dialtion and cutterage.

    The procedure was most likey invented to assist spontanious miscarriages that didn't complete the shedding process, not as a method to avoid birth. The process is tramatic to your body and in worse case senerios leave you sterile from complication. It may also increase your chances of future miscarriage, when you actually intend to become pregnant. An abortion is also likely to have devestating emotional effects on the woman involved.

    Anti-choice activists are more likley to be verbal about their thoughts and opinions on the subject than pro-choice activits, so it'd proably be difficult for you to get a straight forward answer to your question. Perosnally, abortion isn't something I could bring myself to live with, however, i resepct everyone's personal beliefs and opinions and I don't force my thoughts or ideals on anyone.

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    There are several types of abortions. One is when the Dr. sticks a suction type hose inside of the pregnant womans womb, and sucks out the baby, tearing it apart, limb from limb. Another way is to crush the babies head and yank it out of the mother, usually never intact, usually the baby is torn apart. Another is the Dr. inserts a saline salt solution into the pregnant womans womb, which burns the baby and turns it charcoal black, suffocating it to death. Another is when the Dr. delivers the baby, except for the head, that remains inside of the mother, he then uses scissors to cut a hole at the bottom of the babies head, and inserts a hose and sucks out the babies brain. What is abortion? Some people would say that it is a choice that a woman has the right to choose what to do to her body. Getting a tattoo, or a haircut or your nose pierced is doing something to your own body, but causing harm to someone else, is not doing something to your body. Causing the death of your child is murder. It is against the law to destroy a bald eagle's egg, even if the bird just layed it. Why? Because the law makers know that there is a baby inside. Why do we treat our own children less? Stand up for the innocent, speak up for those who do not have a voice, do what is right and you will build up your reward in heaven.

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    A voluntary the self termination of a pregnancy before 6 months. a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is when a fetus dies before it reaches viability (or the availability to sustain life outside the womb)

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    When a skank opens her legs gets pregnant and then is to lazy to put it up for adoption so she gets someone to either

    A.Stab the baby in the head and rip the brains out.


    B.Rip the baby apart

    Yes the baby or "fetus" can feel all this. Sometimes they even pull away from the hook.

    Source(s): Not to mention the baby has done nothing wrong. P.S.:The baby dies.
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    an abortion is when a woman has her pregnancy terminated. it is basically the medical removal of the featus from the womans uterus before 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

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    Abortion means killing a child before his birth because of illegal physical relationship or pregnancy before marriage or before mental preparedness. To avoid every man should use condom to avoid sin like abortion and to avoid a uncured disease like HIV.

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    It is where the they medically induce the explotion of the fetus and is a highly contreversial topic amoungust society...

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