Are African "Americans" Considered real americans now that White America has Muslims to Profile,Hate,Target,

Rape, Kill, Beat, suspect etc..


I'm Married to a Latina

Update 2:

being here in Canada and looking at how African "Americans" were treated prior to 911 with the racial profiling and all it just all seem to change and the focus was on Muslims you gotta admitt it does look like African "Americans" are less harassed these days.

Update 3:

I saw Regina Denny in the media and that was one case there are hundreds of other cases against whites in your country not to mention Slavery Racial Profiling in AmericaAmerican Civil Liberties Union page on racial profiling and "driving while Black". -

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    Profiling still exists in the African American community, it always will, you just hear about it less because the media has a new focus group. The police will still pull over an African American person (not just males) driving luxury cars (just to check the occupants out!). There is still red lining in the community although it is said to be against the law. Please do not think for one second that things have changed much, it is just less focused on for now. and to the person who wrote this


    African-Americans have always been considered to be real Americans. It would be nice if no one hated anyone else regardless of race & religion. I would imagine that haters are capable of hating blacks and Muslims. "

    Not so, at one time we were considered property. Only partly human. We have come along way, but there is so much more to do...

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    I'll state this as simply as I can if you can say you're an African American you are an American!!!! I'll ask you this were you born in the Us or Africa?If you answer that you were born in the US then you are an American period. A African American is a African who has emigrated to the US and become an American citizen.Not someone who can trace there genetics to Africa. Also I hear people say that most of America "profiles,hates,and targets" one group or another depending on where you live.Its false in most parts of our country people are to terrified to do so because if you do your life is ruined.Most of the time you'll loose your job,if not also facing litigation.An please don't try to tell me that it doesn't happen.We all hear of the lawsuits for even a minor verbal infraction. If our goverment racially profiled I wouldn't be searched when I got onto planes and guess what I do.If I drive slowly through a neighborhood I'm stopped just as quickly as anyone else that looks and acts suspicious.

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    i agree with you...somewhat. Now that we Americans have a new scapegoat,African Americans arent targeted as much. And I think they were Americans anyhow. Anyway,I agree with you....

    I would not know about the rape part, but I have to agree with you about the suspect,beat and kill part. I have seen it with my own two eyes in a store,where a muslim woman wearing her robe (whatever her robe-thingie is called,a sari?) and ppl watched her all over the store. They thought she had a whole arsenal underneath it! Poor woman. The profiling part must be true too. And the target,and hate. I was eating at a resaraunt last night,and a couple was eating there...she was muslim,he,white. Man,oh man!! They were stared at and watched closely. They held their dignity,though. Anyway,I live in fear that we will have another attack. I have to say this : I have never heard tell of a African-American bombing anything. ( no,that volcano is science class doesn't count! :) )

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    Yes, we blacks have a level of respite - but it will not last.

    I'm one of few blacks in my neighborhood and whites still stare at me as if I just jump the fence. They glare at the even fewer Mexicans.

    The America media in concert with Repugs create slogans for who next to hate. They have decided that 'illegal immigrants' is the code words for all Mexicans. (Bird flu, gay marriage, cut and run, Islam-fascists are other words that trigger hatred against a group of people or nation)

    With Bush in power they became bolder because Bush is friends with owners of the various media (Ex: Murdoch).

    Bush's handlers know how to rile up lower class republicans to distract from his failures, lies and incompetence and to ignore the true impact of the removal of rights that gives Bush more power than the presidency is allowed.

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    Well according to Carlos Mencia it is their turn to get picked on. Since every other non- White Anglo-Saxon Protestant has been on the receiving end before. I just think it is sad that here it is, the 21st century and this country is still so preoccupied with race. Sigh

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    African-Americans have always been considered to be real Americans. It would be nice if no one hated anyone else regardless of race & religion. I would imagine that haters are capable of hating blacks and Muslims.

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    It sounds like you too are trying to breed hatred !!! I don't care what nationality a person is but you can tell how educated they are when they try to stir up more hatred in the world instead of being a solution ! If you live in Canada why are you so concearned about the States

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    Of course. Black people are more american than most white people. the average white person descends from the european immigrants who came to the US at the turn of the century. most black people are descendants of the slaves who were here from the very begnning and who were the economic force (free labor) that provided america with the extraordinary growth that made it the powerful nation is now. So yes we are quite american. What would american culture be without us?

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    Immigration by employing definition implies voluntary pass from one usa to a diverse to greater effectual ones cutting-edge circumstances or way of existence. The Africans who later grew to alter into African-human beings have been bought into slavery, positioned on a slave ships, persevered the midsection Passage and have been deemed 3/5 of a individual in the recent worldwide. i won't be able to, nor do i choose for to, separate myself from my slave ancestors. they did no longer immigrate to u.s.. as a result, we as a human beings (African-human beings) did no longer immigrate to u.s..

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    I'm white & I don't think that I am more American than anyone else of a different color or religion. We are all the same

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