Still confused about snorkeling in Cozumel?

All I hear is snorkeling in Cozumel is the best. After researching I've concluded that: Colombia Shallows, Chankanab, Paraiso Reef, The Junk Yard, and Palancar Reef are decent for snorkeling. Am I missing any???? Another dillema: Since I'm bringing my own mask and fins, can I hop into the water and snorkel these destinations? But from my research I think I have to join an expensive tour and get boated to a snorkel destination... What's the deal??? Well, if I were to pick a tour group, I've concluded that Aldora, Equalizers, and Scuba Du are decent. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

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    I've been to Mexico (Cozumel included) many times, and what my family has done is either go snorkeling unprofessionally in the water near the hotel/resort or get boated on a tour. I'm pretty sure there's nothing like safety precautions holding you back from just hopping into the ocean somewhere and going snorkeling (Mexico is pretty lax about all of that legal stuff), but the tours will most likely give you a better, albeit less adventurous, experience.

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    It isn't really that expensive, but many of the best snorkeling sites require to go there by boat. The other option is to go around after renting a car and searching open beaches. My advise, trust the locals and go by boat.

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    extremely some the inns have respectable snorkeling suitable on-website, despite if the inns seashores are the perfect, in many circumstances the snorkeling is effective especially much everywhere. Chankanaab is faily low-priced whilst in comparison with an expedition/excursion and you will snorkel at this park all day in case you like for like10 dollars. be careful in case you bypass out on you very own on the eastern coast of the island--there are risky currents in some places!

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    I went to Cozumel once a few years ago, I'm nto sue where I snorkeled at but It was amazing. I think anywhere woudl be great to snorkel.

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    I've been to Cozumel.

    We rented a car and drove around the island (with a map)

    and stopped by open beaches on the island.

    If you are staying in a hotel, they should offer some packages that you can choose from.

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