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So I was reading up an article about em..While I never have chills, fever, yellowish skin nasuea or even vomit out of nowhere...

I sometimes have some pain in my lower abdomen..of course mos t of the time its gas and after a co,of mins of this pain..and then I hafta go to the bathroom real bad...

But can I have a bad case of gallstones?


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    Firstly, be careful about some of the material you read, a lot of the stuff out there can be both inaccurate and misleading. In terms of the symptoms you read up on, like most things, you may get one, or all of them, it really depends on the severity.

    Pains in the lower right abdomen usually is linked to appendix problems but in your case i'm sure it's just gas!:) Nevertheless i do recommend that you visit your doctor, especially if you end up having one or more of those symptoms or that pain of yours gets worse.

    In my opinion, in doesn't sound like "a bad case of gallstones" or gallstones at all for that matter seeing as my mother just underwent surgery for gallstone removal. Make sure you're eating the right types of foods and eat slowly to ensure proper digestion. Good luck!

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    when i had my gallstones i had a pain in my upper right. had severe pain to the point i walked to the ER after 5 hours of intense pain. told gallstones and should have gallbladder removed. lower abdomen sounds like appendix or hernia? don't know I'm not a doc. hope this helps.

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