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Do you beleive in the saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater."?

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    I think it holds. Yeah, people can change, but people who need the sick desparation of drama/creating problems tend to never change unless they get some meaning in their life. In my own opinion, they're usually too selfish to look inward and blame themself until it finally happens to them. Goood luck and happy new year!

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    Mostly -- but I do think it depends on the circumstances. If the cheating has been ongoing, and the cheater has promised to stop, but hasn't, then it's likely to be 'once a cheater always a cheater.' But if the cheating was just once, and the circumstances were unusual, and the cheater was remorseful, I bet s/he might change.

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    Nope, not in all cases. If the person is a repeat offender, then yes. But there are many times that people cheat (severe relationship problems, for example) or sometimes people just do stupid things. Cheating once should be forgiven, but anything more than that and it's really at the discretion of the faithful partner.

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    whatever happened that 'made' him cheat, WILL happen again.

    I married one

    they dont change, they just perfect the craft so that there is more time between being caught.

    CHEATING IS A CHARACTER ISSUE, you deserve better, I know I did.

    If the internet was around when I was dating him I would NOT have married him

    I bet he isnt even sorry

    (just sorry he got caught)

    Please move on

    what is the point in wondering if he is trustworthy or not

    pick someone who will be faithful or will have the gonads to break of with you instead of cheating

    the term a leapord does not change its spots didnt invent itself.

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    I believe people can change, but those who cheat I believe majority will always be cheaters. So yes, I think that's true.

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    Same of 'em will change n' d rest of d half will always b a cheater.

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    specific, even with the shown fact that i think of that pronouncing generally applies to the male gender because of the fact that whilst females cheat that is commonly because of the fact they have already tried to talk to their bf approximately specific subject concerns that lead them to unhappy, however the bf do not substitute and stay the comparable so as that they experience lonely and visit somebody elses palms. it is likewise basic for females to cheat in secret as payback for being cheated on. men tend to be much less complicated of their cheating behavior and cheating men will do purely it if that is available for them to accomplish that. Of coarse those are purely generalizations. If that is something the guy did purely as quickly as and feels undesirable then i think of there could be wish. relies upon on many components, yet whilst it became an ongoing element that someone purely stopped doing whilst they have been caught then for the main area they're purely sorry they have been caught and could be extra careful next time they do it. Btw: as quickly as a inebriated consistently a inebriated is actual- you would be sober for something of your existence and you will possibly nevertheless be an alcoholic as quickly as you grow to be one. as quickly as a liar consistently a liar would not prepare because of the fact there is all varieties of lies- white lies, lies that take place by technique of twist of destiny and so on,.... cheating is often carried out on purpose. even with ways regularly people say that could be a "mistake" that is not. by twist of destiny spilling espresso on your lap is a mistake. Sticking a penis in you or vice versa takes extra initiative.

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    I do. I personally could never trust someone who cheated on me. Nor would I ever forgive someone for cheating.

    If you are in a relationship, then it should be a given, that there is a huge commitment. If you break that commitment, then it's over.

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    I believe this statement, but only in the same relationship. If a guy/girl gets dumped enough for cheating, they may eventually change.

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    People can change, but it takes difficult experiences (to learn). People tend to behave in the same ways, usually. Why take chances when they're so many options?

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