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Which Florida School has the best Grad school for Sociology?

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    I strongly agree with Taranto. Look into UF and UM the most. I'm a Florida resident, and visited both schools, so here's what I got out of them academically:

    UF honors college is definitely the best place to go in Florida. Very rigorous and the students take their classes seriously. But the school itself is very hit or miss. Since the school has over 40,000 students, there really is no individualized attention.

    UM is a different story. Since there are fewer students, it is easier to work or do research with a teacher. UM has more funding too from the nearby companies and especially it's medical program, so UM is always up-to-date. The big down side to UM though is the cost.

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    Florida isn't a state known for its universities, though U of FL is trying to improve their ranking.

    The quality of sociology programs is pretty highly correlated with the quality of the university -- so the best schools in Florida will likely have the best graduate sociology programs.

    The University of Florida is the highest ranked university in the state. They would have the best graduate program in almost any field (at least in Florida). University of Miami is the next highest ranked university.

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    Check out FAU (Florida Atlantic University). We have a pretty strong Sociology program.

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