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Any 1 subject 2 suicide in the family? dad just hung himself....?

Any 1 subject 2 suicide in the family? dad just hung himself....?

What do I need to do for my daughters and sister, my dad hung himself tonight and my sister found him and cut him down. I am out of state, my 6year old daughter said on the phone to me a little while ago...."mommmy I saw something very bad tonight.. but I can't tell you what" . I am on my way back in the am , but what do I say or do? seriouslly, any one have any know.. My little sister is dying of lupis/ kidney falure/ etc. she is in the hospital so is my dad. My sister won't make it, I am sorry that I know. My mom is a critical care R.N. and dad is having seziers he is brain dead they think and on life support, .... So any way what do I say to

My sister who cut my dad down, the sister who is dying <dad always said his kids wouldn't go b4 him and he met it. What if he knows angel is leaving this realm and he is going b4 her to make sure it's okay, I would do the same thing if one of my daughters is going to go b4 me. I would like to check it out 4 my sister 2, but She has 2 daughter

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    Be there for all of them. I'm at loss of words myself right now. But be open, let them talk if they want, let them cry if they want, comfort them the best you can. I know it would be tough to see your child go before you- I have a 15 month old son, so I know a part of me would die if something happened to him. But I couldn't go as far as killing myself. I feel everything is supposed to happen for a reason, and you have to be strong, as hard as that may be. I'm shocked your Dad did this only because he has other children and grandchildren to live for! I will pray for you and your family. Be there for all of them, and again, I'm trying to be here for you as well- you need others you can go to also.

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    I am so, so sorry that you are left to deal with these multiple tragedies! As I understand your question, you need to know what to do for your daughters and sister to help them cope with dad's suicide and your sister's serious illness. My dear one, you are dealing with so much it is asking a lot of yourself to attempt to ease the pain and suffering you all experience at this time. The only thing I could suggest is to hold each other close, don't accept any blame or responsibility for dad's tragic decision to end his life . That was his decision - terribly misguided, but his alone. Reassure your daughters that you will keep them close and safe and encourage your sister that you will be there for her to help her in what ever way you can. It's most important that you help each other. Again, I am so sorry!

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    Pray. it is all u can do. just pray. god wull anwser ur prayers. he has a plan for ur life and he wull be there for u. just take a deep breth and let it all out. it wull work. my grandma was dyin and my family litterly prayed for hours. then one nite i had a dream and a man told me every thin wus gonna be ok and the next day she got moved down a floor from critical care and now she is home, driving, shopping. everything normal. god wull anwser ur prayers and be there for you. it is the best thing you can do.

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    If your dad is still in hospital there is a chance you would not have again to let the Lord in his life, there is always today.

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    im so sorry. my brother hung himself too about 6 years ago i was only 9 when i found him. when it happened to my family no one really said much of any thing

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    Family crisis one in your local community. The hospital should also have some numbers for you BEST OF LUCK!

  • your family and you will be in my prayers

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