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What is under...?

Kakashi's mask!! i just watch that episode 101.. is there another?!?!


javier if u would have read the qestion u wouldnt have had to waste ur time copying and pasting

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    nah, they just did that episode for fun. nothing except his face!

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    1. Under Kakashi's mask (warning spoiler!!!!) | 11/05/2006 7:08pm

    Hello I wanted to know what you think or what is under Kakashi's mask. If so please let me know I'd really like to know!!!!

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    2. Re: Under Kakashi's mask (warning spoiler!!!!) | 11/05/2006 7:11pm

    Actually there is a filler episode about this. Turns out what under Kakashi's mask is another mask

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    Gosh, I'm on epsiode 110-111, and I have no idea...still. There's another mask which is totally stupid, but I would really like to know. XD;

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    I think it was another mask, but didn't it look like one of the guys from Kiss?

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    actually he has another mask I cant remember what episode

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    my bed?

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