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All I think about is diet and exercise!?

I've lost 25 pounds in 3 months and I'm so obssesed with all this diet and exercise that I just can't think of anything else besides that. What can I do to chill out a bit ?

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    you can take up kickboxing. lose weight and forget you're losing weight at the same time.

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    Just focus on feeling good and healthy---whatever it takes. I want to lose weight too and am working on it---but mental health is important too--your mind and body have to function in harmony. Remember to get a good night's sleep---try yoga; that's always helpful. Be so active that you barely have time to think---the pounds should melt away. The trick is to stay focused on weight loss if that is needed without losing your identity.Do things that you enjoy that are not food centered.

    Evaluate whether or not you need to lose any more weight. Your BMI is a good indicator of that. If your BMI is in the healthy zone might want to contact your Dr. for futher evaluation before continuing on a diet/exercise program.

    Good Luck!

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    Im glad you lost the weight but unless you keep taking care of yourselves some burger fries will make you gain that weight again easily. Instead of a diet why dont you consider making a new kind of eating menu and a simpler work out routine. Also try encouraging someone else.

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    I just went through the same thing! I was obsessed, the people around me were sick of hearing about it, I was almost sick of thinking about it! However, it kept me going. I did create outlets to not badger every one around me. I created a blog, and wrote weekly about how I did and related funny stories on my myspace page, and I started a personal diary on my microsoft word where I could type the thoughts away. That might help, it sort of drained the obsession away a little bit...if you get what I mean. Hope this helps a bit, doing all that really did help me.

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    All you need to do is ask your doctor what your normal weight is and what you should do if it is over or under.

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