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Classical music concert - what to do when man next to you is snoring?

Happy New Year,

I just returned from a chamber music concert that took place in a church. I attended alone and was seated next to a man who snored through much of the first performance. At intermission, he got up and disappeared and then returned for the second performance and promptly fell asleep again and began snoring. The place was packed and there were no other available seats. Since I didn't attend with this man, I didn't feel it was appropriate to nudge him or in some other fashion let him know he was being rude. We were seated in the middle of the church, so motioning for an attendant would also have been inappropriate. I don't know if it bothered the people seated on the other side of him. I didn't think to mention it to the attendant at intermission.

What would you have done, if anything?


It was Schubert Symphony No. 5, I was looking forward to it for weeks.

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    It sounds like an awkward situation, and difficult to respond to on the spot. Your solution, to ignore the man, was not the worst you could have chosen. At least you avoided a scene. The best thing you can do is use this experience to prepare yourself should another similar occasion arise.

    As far as what is appropriate, I think most people would not mind, and in fact be grateful, if you tapped them on the shoulder and said simply, "excuse me, but you're snoring." Also, if you are ever in such a situation again, you will remember to alert the attendant.

    Don't feel bad this time though. In your case I probably would have done the same. Only hind sight is 20/20.

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    When the Indianapolis Symphony was performing Brahms' Third Symphony in Anderson, IN, a pay phone in the auditorium rang during the second movement. At the end of the movement, the conductor stopped and waited while a member of the audience answered the phone. The conductor said, "It happens to be in the wrong key." ======================= When the orchestra at Interlochen Arts Academy was on tour in 1966-1967, there was a dance number on the program. Immediately after the number was finished, two stage props fell right on the beat. I'm sure many people in the audience thought that was planned and wondered how it was done. ======================= Your second anecdote reminds me: In an Indianapolis Symphony concert, one of the cellists was bowing in the wrong direction. His tip caught his stand partner's frog, and that sent his stand partner's bow flying above the audience. The poor, deprived stand partner sat there and waited until a member of the audience came up, gingerly holding his bow with the tip in one hand and the frog in the other hand, and handed it to him. ======================= Members of the Indianapolis Symphony accompanied the Anderson High School chorus in a concert. The high school chorus ended every concert with a quiet benediction. While they were singing the benediction in this concert, the percussionist dropped a cymbal on the floor.

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    I would have nudged him at least once and asked him if he realized he was falling asleep and disturbing the other patrons. If he said no the I would have asked him if I could do anything to help him stay awake because it would be a shame to have an attendant ask him to leave. If he didn't get the message from that I certainly would contact an attendant. Happy New Year to you also and I'm sorry he distrupted that beautiful concert.

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    If it was a concert I like (such as Mozart), I'd have been VERY annoyed! Some others probably were, but people in our society are raised not to complain or "make waves". I'd have nudged him and if he didn't quit it, tell him he was drooling, or some other embarrassing thing to get him to LEAVE! I bet the other listeners would be grateful to you! (Technically, the attendant SHOULD have caught it and kicked him out!)

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    I would have said I was sick and got out of there. As I was leaving I would have stood on the snoring man's feet and said "Sorry, so Sorry." I will never put up with anything like that - not if the ticket cost $200.00.

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    Poke him, then poke him again if necessary. I snore, I'd get the message and wake up, or leave.

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    i would have nudged him....maybe it's rude, but so is snoring and ruining the performance for others

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    Hug him and be thankful he's comfortable and trustful towards you that he could be himswlf with you,and be appreciative towards the fact that he's sleeping with you during the first day of 2007!!!

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    Smother him.

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