can you have an allergic reaction to sparkling wine?

This is the 2nd year in a row I've had M&R Asti Spumante for new years, my huband and I split the bottle, so I had almost half of a 750ml bottle, but my face got bright red and felt tight, I checked my blood pressure and it sky rocketted to 177/102!! It's usually perfectly normal. could I be having some kind of allergic reaction to it? It seems like I had this happen years ago with margaritas but I drank at my company Christmas party a few weeks ago but it didn't really happen then.

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    I am allergic to all alcohol. My face and body get huge red blotches all over and wines that have been treated with sulfites is an even worse reaction.

    It's just not worth it for me to consume any alcohol.

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    It seems you have an allergic reaction to an ingredient used in the sparkling wine and in the margarita. I think you should call a doctor and have an allergy test on the specific things shared by the two drinks and then you might be able to avoid that chemical/product. If it is not that serious, then maybe you should have a little sample of the drink, because it might be possible that it is something that you ate with it--cheese, crackers, etc. I hope you feel better and you had an awesome new years!

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    Many of us find that nothing finishes the evening off quite like a glass of cold beer or wine. Some of us, however, are not quite so fortunate, finding that the negative side effects of these beverages outweigh the pleasure. It is unknown how many people suffer from allergies or reactions to alcoholic products because it is not a notifiable condition, but most of us know somebody who reacts to it in one way or another. Doctor Vincent Crump of the Auckland Allergy Clinic suggests that it is not usually the alcohol which produces an allergic reaction to wine and beer (alcohol can cause a reddening of the skin due to the blood vessels dilating, but this should not be mistaken as an allergy), but is more often the other ingredients, such as yeast, sulphur dioxide etc which cause the reaction. Typical reactions to the contents of wine and beer include hives, asthma, eczema, itchy eyes and nose, rhinitis, and skin rashes, particularly on the face and neck.

    Mary Wedlock has suffered from allergies to alcohol since the first time she drank a glass of wine. Her eyes immediately become unfocussed and she feels the effect of a hangover the following morning even if she has only consumed half a glass. She also gets a pounding headache and describes her head as feeling as if it doesn't belong to her body. The worst reaction for Mary comes from red wines, and the mildest from dry white wines. Roger Pye suffers from diarrhea for up to three days following the consumption of beer. This is due to a recently diagnosed wheat allergy, which explains why he does not react to other forms of alcohol. Jan Goodwin, a chronic asthmatic, gets asthma from white wines for up to four hours after consumption. She finds that the sweeter the wine, the more severe the reaction.

    There are numerous ingredients contained within wine and beer, which can cause these reactions in sufferers. Put broadly, there are two elements a person can react to in wines and beers - those needed to make the beverage, and those used to preserve or enhance it. As with any allergy to a particular product, one or many of the ingredients may cause problems to sufferers, and it is important to contact your health professional if you are uncertain.

    I have listed a website that will give you more information on this just in case you are interested. I hope this helps you out.

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    Yes, you can be allergic to wine (or anything else).

    Get checked by an allergist to see what is going on. Allergies can become worse over time.

    My mother had a moderate allergic reaction to alcohol a couple of times before she had a severe reaction that almost killed her. Fortunately, the office party where she had the severe reaction was at a medical office.

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    Yeast and sulfites can both cause an alergic reaction. When people say, "I am allergic to alcohol" these are often used as code words by alcoholics because they cannot control their drinking. It does not generally mean they break out in a rash.

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    Figured it was red wine. Like Chef Owen said, it's most likely the tannins in the wine. Switch to a white or back to beer.

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    Mmm..I have problems with wine and prefer beer and cider most of the time. I would have liked a sparkling alcoholic cider for this evening. Maybe some tequila or flavoured rum.

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    Yes, yes, yes. Wine can be a real offender. There are sulfites in most wines - it's printed on the bottle. Check it out. Sulfites are the culprit.

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    Yes, I know a guy that's very allergic to any type of wine, something to do with the fermentation

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    You can have an allergic reaction to anything. We have a friend that's allergic to all alcohol, so anything is possible.

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