I know all the things gothic ppl do & wear and other things.......?

but when I was w/ my parents a couple days ago, we saw a group of gothic ppl, my mom whispered 2 me and said DON'T U EVER BE LIKE THOSE PPL.But I can't help it and I like gothic ppl, basically, I wanna be gothic, but my parents.................Anyways, I'm in 8th grade, MY QUESTION IS:How can i convince my parents 2 let me be goth? Thx ppls!!!!!!! :p :) :D

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    To be honest there are few ways to convince them to let you be a goth.The best ways though are to find a couple goths and make friends with them. Then as you get to know them bring them to your parents and introduce them.That way your parents will see that they are normal.Also you can start changing your clothing slowly so they don't realize that you're changing then just sit down and talk to them about it. Talking with people is almost always the best solution.

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    I personally recomment www.gothic charm school.com for the "how do I get people to accept my lifestyle?" part. They probably oppose it because they don't know what it is and it looks scary to them, and of course media sensationalism hasn't helped matters any.

    Try www.DracInABox.com, www,HeavyRed.com, and

    Metamorphoses (temps de fille).com

    for clothing ideas. Most punks and goths buy from specialty shops and thrift stores and customize their finds, as opposed to giving money to a corporation for pre-ripped pants that come with safety pins installed at the factory. (Support small business!)

    Get into literature. Not cheesy vampire novels or the 'teen goth' genre - it's melodramatic and is hardly ever written by goths anyway, just authors who think it's about teenagers who hate the world. (Sweetblood, Vampire Kisses, and Oh My Goth are examples of the non-goth author genre. Don't waste your time.)

    Okay, rant over. Edgar Allan Poe's work is a good, practically mandatory staple in a gothic literary collection. Dylan Thomas is a poet sometimes enjoyed by goths, although his work can be something of an aquired taste. Sylvia Plath is often popular, although I never really got into it, to be honest. Shelley, Keats, Yeats, Byron, and Wilde are good. If you look up 'Gothic novels' on Wikipedia it will probably bring up a list of material enjoyed by aficionados of the subject, the dearth of which is too extensive to list here. If you would like a list of songs that some goths enjoy, I can send you one. Have fun, and above all, don't take yourself too seriously! Genuine goths aren't afraid to show their senses of humor. God bless, honey!

    Goth is more a lifestyle or outlook on life than anything. They tend to accept that there are bad things as well as good things in life, rather than 'sweep them under the rug', to say, and pretend they don't exist. They can dress however they want, although many prefer darker colors and more dramatic clothes and makeup, and listen to lots of songs and varied genres of music, which can include but are by no means limited to, new wave, darkwave, ethereal, Celtic, goth rock, punk, postpunk, chants, heavy metal, industrial, Latin, et cetera. Not all are interested in vampires - in fact, relatively few are. Many if not most have good relationships with their parents. Very few have mental or psychological problems. Most are actually quite nice, if a bit saturnine. Very, very, very few are 'satanists' or 'devil worsippers'. Most of the young teenagers who listen to Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn, My Chemical Romance, Drowning Pool, et cetera and wear heavy thick makeup and studded spike collars and bracelets are called 'Mall goths', shop mostly at Hot Topic, and - this is important - they're not real goths. They just seem to think they are. They act disturbed and surly and try to impress/intimidate people. It seldom works, as most are obviously pathetic, and almost all will (thankfully) grow out of it. If you'd like a comprehensive explanation, try visiting goth.net.

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    Tell your mother that she has no right to judge those people by what they wear. If she believes that those people are always terrible, walking horror movies, then I am afraid to say she has no reason to be your mother. Tolerance is a direly needed thing, and despite what your mother seems to think, these people aren't always the stereotype that pop culture says they are. You want to be goth? Go for it. If your mother protests, remind her that you are her child, and (I don't know you, but I'm going to hopefully guess) you are a decent person. What is a change of appearance ever going to show of your personality?

    Source(s): I did that when I was a teenager. My mother lost her defiance to my "evil" attire eventually.
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    ok as a former goth, I can honestly say that I did it,and i was an adult!! I did it for shock value. Only. I was a devout Mormon,and really did it! Dyed black hair,black lips,white face paint, the whole nine yards,...and oh I forgot... fangs. I did that too. You can't convince mommy and daddy to let u do something they are so totally against. But you can be a closet goth. Get some black clothes. Not too obvious. Just black shirts/jeans/skirts. Oh, BTW,we goths looooooooooooove looooooooong black skirts!! and black nail polish. and then... for the big finish... dye your hair dark brown. Not black. Wait on that part. and break them in slooowly. try that.

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    tell your mother that it is just a stage(to make her feel better). tell her that if you don't get it out of your system now, you will always wonder what if. I'm in 9th grade and last year I wanted to wear black nail polish, i dont know why, i just did but my family had a fit. I never forgave them for that. Live your life before its too late.

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