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How many carbs needed to maintain 130lbs. as a meduim boned woman?

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    i would look at what kind of carbs you are feeding your body instead of how many you are eating. refined carbs are especially bad for you and are bad for blood sugar and can contribute to other diseases. you should be eating whole wheat, whole grain, high fiber carbs instead; basically anything brown instead of white. try to opt for organic, whole wheat grains, granolas, and flax, wheat germ, etc. also, you don't mention how active you are during a 24 hour period. activity also dictates how much carbohydrate you should be consuming. i would estimate you can eat as much as 150 mg a day of good quality carbohydrates. that includes naturally occuring carbs in fruits, vegies, juices, milk, and your normal pasta/bread servings. you should be eating between 1900-2200 calories a day to maintain your weight. also, remember to exercise at least 30 minutes a day to help your body use up the glucose in your bloodstream. good luck

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    This questions is sort of broad so I filled in the blanks. You should answer the following:


    Weight (you stated)


    Activity Levels

    I assumed you were a 5'5'' women weighing in at 130lbs between 20-30ish and pretty much not working out ie a daily routine with a non physical job (desk job)

    Alot of this info is needed to even give you a estimate. The make of your body is essential to give an idea of what your body needs.

    According to many nutrition books 60% of your caloric intake should be carbs. Your body needs carbs to function and if it doesnt receive the carbs it needs it will retrieve through your muscles called gluconeogenisis. Long story short if your not eating the carb intake that your body needs it will start taking them from the place in which protein is stored in the body the MUSCLES.

    With that said to maintain your 130lb weight you need around:


    240 Carbs a day

    Here is the equation I used to figure it out per se:

    1600calories is a midground for womens caloric intake needs which it could be higher it could be lower we dont know since we need more info.

    1600 calories times the 60% = 1600x.6=960

    Which is what is said to be needed by the USDA for carbohydrates.

    960calories/4 kcal/g = 960/4 = 240

    You take the calories you get from the previous equation and divide that by the calroies that are present in 1gram of a a carbohydrate which is equal to the 240grams of carbs

    Some may not agree with this because of the latest Atkins diet fad but this is what the US standard of healthy eating is and to be honest physiologically it makes since. Seeing as the body "feeds" off carbs as energy.

    Also the carbs your are eating hold a great deal as to weight gain to an extent as a previous poster has stated. ( you cant eat all sugar carbs and wonder why you are gaining weight )

    As with any type of nutritional advice that is ever asked or answered it should always be mentioned that exercise should alwys be included.

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    It's different for each person. It's suggested that you add carbs back into your diet 5 grams at a time. When you don't gain or lose any weight in a particular week, you know how many carbs to consume to maintain your weight. For example, if you are currently eating 20 grams but still losing weight, eat 25 grams for a week and weigh again. If you stil lost a pound or two, add 5 more grams. If after a week, 30 grams causes you to gain a pound or two, you know that 25 is your personal number. It will probably be more than 25 or 30 grams but it depends on your age, overall health, normal eating habits, activity levels, etc.

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