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Any 1 subject 2 suicide in the family? dad just hung himself....?

What do I need to do for my daughters and sister, my dad hung himself tonight and my sister found him and cut him down. I am out of state, my 6year old daughter said on the phone to me a little while ago...."mommmy I saw something very bad tonight.. but I can't tell you what" . I am on my way back in the am , but what do I say or do? seriouslly, any one have any know.. My little sister is dying of lupis/ kidney falure/ etc. she is in the hospital so is my dad. My sister won't make it, I am sorry that I know. My mom is a critical care R.N. and dad is having seziers he is brain dead they think and on life support, .... So any way what do I say to

My sister who cut my dad down, the sister who is dying <dad always said his kids wouldn't go b4 him and he met it. What if he knows angel is leaving this realm and he is going b4 her to make sure it's okay, I would do the same thing if one of my daughters is going to go b4 me. I would like to check it out 4 my sister 2, but She has 2 daughter

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    Only the grace and mercy of God, time, understanding, and lots of family counseling will help to heal this. My heart goes out to you & your family......God Bless you and your little ones.

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    WOW, what a way to bring in the new year.

    I could not be more sorry for you.

    I did hear suicide runs in families so be sure to have your daughter enrolled in counseling as soon as possible. YOu are going thru alot right now (i am sure that that is an understatement) so be sure to get the support you need too!

    I am not making judgements on your DAD but I can assure you that it was not your sisters' fault that your dad did this. I hope that you can try to pull together as a family and help make her battle with her disease as pleasant as possible. I was slightly troubled by your statement that you would do the same thing if your daughter was sick....I do hope that your daughter never gets sick enough to where you have to make that choice because it is a very selfish one with respect to the other people in your family that love you as you have seen with your father.

    Who knows if the doctors were wrong in the diagnosis of yoru sister. Or if a cure is found.

    God has a purpose for us all

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    You know what honey!

    You don't say anything!!

    You hold your sister, cuddle her and love her and 'both' of you have a good cry if need be.

    Your sister has enough anxieties going on inside of her with her own health problem, so the 'best' thing you can do is be yourself.

    There is 'no way' that you have to be strong in such a situation as this.

    You and her both need each other in this very sad time, and you

    both need to express your emotions however you need to.

    I am so sorry for you, and my heartfelt prayers will be with you tonight.

    None of this will be easy for any of you, but hang in there for your

    kids sake, they'll surely need your love and reassurance.

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    My friends father was playing cards with his family and walked into another room and shot himself in the head. He passed away. My friend was in another state just as you are. She called me very upset. It was a very hard time for everyone. But I assure you that things did become easier. Once the whole family was together to deal with the grief everyone felt better. You ALL will get through this time. Though this is a tough time for you, you have to try to be the strong one. Your father was going through a lot of grief and his passing will ease his suffering. It is sad that he chose this way and this time and that you all have to suffer but you must all stick close together. In the end we are all going to the same place and he will be there waiting for all of you. May God Bless you and ease your pain.

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    I am really sorry for all that is happening to you, it must be very hard. You have to be strong for everyone, and I know its not going to be easy. tell your sister that you are sorry what she went threw. tell her she has to let it all out. and I really don't know what to say to your daughter, but tell her that her grandpa loved her so much. be supportive, which I know you will . If I could do anything for all of you I would, my prayers are with all of you. keep the faith. and know that your dad loved you very much. and one day you all will be together.

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    oh my. please let god come in to your life. he can help so sorry about the pain you all are going thru. you shouldnt have to go thru this like that.

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    May God bless all of you.

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    omg.............i am really sorry!

    you need help!!! call up some friends and tell them to support u.................u cant go through this alone!!!

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