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What are the easiest subject that you can major in that would get you a salary of no less than $100,000?

i need to major in something that would get me a job with a salary of no less than 100,000

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    There's no easy major to help you make that sort of money. Devoting yourself to a major which would pay out that sort of salary is going to take a lot of study. If you want that sort of money, be prepared to work hard and work well in college. If you want to take my advice.. find an Actuary program and be prepared to do a lot of math. That will give you the sort of salary you want.

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    there is a basic law in economics -- the law of supply and demand --> the more the product supplied -- the lower the price will eventually become. Hence, if the major is easy -- and many ppl can major in it...the demand will be less for those people in the job market, and hence incomes will be less.

    Sorry, bud -- if you want a high paying job, you will need to pay your dues. (Otherwise, if you are really driven -- drop out of College and start a company and hope to heck ppl want the product/service you are offering). Bill Gates did that!

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    If you study economics, you will find out that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    If you want a six figure salary out of college, you are going to have to pick a major that isn't easy. You will also have to go to a really good school. Undergraduate finance majors at Wharton get close to six figures -- I don't know of anyone else who does.

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    Drug Dealer? Even that is hard with the gang rivalry and such.. THe easiest thing that could probably get you 60k+ is nursing. but aftyer that you have to get a PhD etc...

    Try looking in this website it will help...

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    Council garbage collectors get paid heaps because no one wants to do that job. Try that.

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    Work in the Philippines Government...

    Make friends w/ our president ^_^

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    It's really not what you major in (what you know) but how you apply that knowledge (and who you know).

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