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Need HELP please be thoughtful!?

I met this girl on a chat line, We exchanged numbers, talked for 2 hours each night, then met for a quick dinner before she went to work. Everything went well. we were laughing and really seemed to enjoy each others company. later that night we talked for 2 hours, talk about god, our families and shared stories. I asked her on a date and she kinda avoided it. I really think she is the best woman I have met in my life. I dont want to scare her off by calling too much but now she seems like she is either taking it slow or not interested....Funny thing is I send a text message and she calls back and we talk and laugh at length. but she seems kinda different now...What do you think ? Is she being careful ? or not interested...When I asked her out she kinda blew it off and is not bringing it back up...but seems to be happy when we talk and is very open with me...

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    just wait man. trust me waiting always works.

    i waited and no i am with the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with, god i say that 200 times a day in all these dating posts.

    anyway just wait, it'll pay off

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    This may sound harst but my advice is to not read too much into this stuff. The fact that she sounds happy when you call means she likes you and is interested in you. Just take it slow but stay friends. There's a good chance it could lead to a relationship and maybe try to let her initiate a call next time to see if she misses you. Well, I hope things get better.

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    For a couple of days, don't call but communicate with her through another medium like email or IM.

    Girls get intimidated more than guys so don't pull the trigger too fast, you know??

    Keep telling her you're interested in her, but don't make it overkill.

    Personally, I'd go for something that is an indirect form of attraction like chocolates or a nice card but don't through 'Love' in there. Just let her know you're interested but in a moderate manner.

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    She is takeing it slow because lets be honest she is probably thinking your to good to be true and is a little scared You know you hear all the time about Fruit cakes on the net Or how people are evil or turn evil She really doesn't know you yet she probably getting slack from her family and friends

    Just take it slow till she gets to know you. well . :)

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    sounds like she is giving you mixed signals. You could bring all this up to her - just lay it out on the table as you did for Yahoo Answers. If she is as open as you think - you should get some answers.

    If the signals really are mixed - then maybe all is not as it seems.

    Or maybe she is just very cautious.

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    Let her come to you-seems like she still likes; and could be she really likes you, but does not know how to handle a relationship or is scared, cuz she hasn't been in one for a very long time. So, let her come to you, and let her bring it up-trust me, she will bring it up-when she is ready!

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    son u got to play it cooool u know what i mean act like u dont give a dam maybe u seem to her like to goody good type dude chicks hate that its lame act like u dont care like u dont really need her be strong "he who loves the least has the most power"

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    i would ask her up front it is best to know now then get your heart broken later,asking her is where you will get the true answer.

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    if she avoids important issues like you describe, she can't be that open.

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