Why doesn't anyone except me shop at thrift stores?

All my friends say it's gross because people already wore them. It's a cheaper price, though.. And (usually) quality clothing. They all waste their money at Hollister and A&F and.. Well, I shouldn't say waste.. That's their passion, I guess. I just think it makes more scence to shop at thrift stores.



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    Your friends don't know what they are missing! Plus, by buying at those brand name stores they are looking just like everyone else. You, on the other hand, can develop a style that is all your own.

    You never know what you'll find at thrift and consignment shops. And don't forget rummage sales, garage sales, and the occassional salesman's sample sales. Sometimes you will find name brands that are not even available in your area, and at a fraction of the original price. I have found one-of-a-kind tops and dresses from unique boutiques in NYC and LA. Somebody elses impulse buys become my treasures.

    Once I arrived at a local thrift store right after somebody dropped off a VS bag filled with matching bras, panties, and camis, and in my sizes. Some of the items had the original tags on them. The bag was still on the front counter so I know the clerks had not sorted through it, and probably didn't even know just what they had. I offered $25 for the entire bag, and they accepted. I almost felt guilty of stealing.

    It's kind of like that TV show on the Style Network, "The Look For Less", only taken to the extreme. Thrift stores are not filled with old, worn out and discarded clothing nobody else wants, which is probably what your friends think. There is plenty of high-end merchandise someone else no longer likes or can wear, and they have passed it on to smart shoppers like us.

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    Well, it's a little insane to worry about what other people think!!! But I do it all the time, too. I also shop at Thrift Stores. There's really more variety and you can get so much more stuff for the same amount of money. Most of the Thrift Stores around here help support charities, so the money spent also helps people who need help. And clothing from Thrift Shops isn't "other people's stuff." I buy it, it's mine!

    (Remind your friends that when they buy stuff at the regular stores, other people have tried the clothes on, and a lot of times the stuff has been returned after other people wore it.)

  • 4 years ago

    I used to shop there because you could find real bargains--Designer label clothes in almost mint condition going for only a few dollars. Sometimes I was lucky enough to find an antique or a piece of furniture that just needed to be refinished and cost a fraction of the price. It always made me wonder why people would get rid of some of this stuff. I always thought they didn't want to be bothered with a yard sale. However, I stopped going to thrift stores after my last trip with a friend. I found a beautiful hand-crocheted bedspread I thought would look great in a guest room. I couldn't wait to show it to my friend, but when I did she made the off-hand remark, "Oh, yeah, my neighbor's grandmother had one of those and when she died they gave all her things including clothes and shoes to charity". I haven't been able to buy anything since. For me, it's kind of like being admitted to the hospital and wondering how many people died in the bed they're putting me in.

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    Omigosh! I love thrift stores, garage sales, and ebay! Almost everything I buy is from one of those. And I'm not poor at all...my husband makes great money, but I love to invest our money and the more I save on clothing and material items, the more I get to watch our investments rise!! We're expecting a baby in March and I've already gotten nearly everything she'll need for the first year from ebay and garage sales. I wash everything after I buy it. I also find a lot of NEW stuff at thrift stores for fractions of the price! Don't let anyone bother you about shopping second-hand...it's fun to find the bargains!

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    There's nothing wrong with shopping at thrift stores, & it's not like they don't wash the clothing first. You can find some of the best clothing, for a fraction of the price of other stores.

    I think A&F, Hollister, etc. is a waste of money; you don't get what you pay for.

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    Where a person buys their clothes is up to them. It's no more strange than where you buy your groceries (expensive store or the cheapest in town) or what car you drive (BMW or Chevy).

    I personally don't shop thrift stores and such because I like my clothes new and mostly never worn (except for when people try them on). I don't like wearing someone else's old clothes, but I don't see anything wrong with it if that's your thing.

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    I love shopping thrift stores. Almost addicted, you could say. You never know what you'll find. There's a store here that's kind of high priced for used, but they have designer jeans that look brand new, like for around $15-25. Beats $60.

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    well i don't think ur insane actually i work in retail and i unload the trucks so all my work clothes (kahkis and red shirts) come from second hand stores because i hate paying good money for clothes that are going to get ruined... but sometimes i have found some cool things there that i have picked up to wear other places than just work.. it depends.. and i always always always wash them before i wear them... i know they are usually clean but just to make sure i like to wash them myself.. i mean i don't buy undergarments, nylons, socks or shoes from second hand stores but shirts and pants and skirts are ok... i don't think ur insane ur thrifty and there is nothing wrong with that.. clothes can get expensive and when your on a budget that sucks.. shop at the thrift stores and enjoy the clothes u get

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    I do. You can tell what is good & its alot cheaper.I cant see spending alot of cash on cloths.And if they get ruined while working or whatever,,no big deal. I love shopping at thrift stores.You find all kind of neat stuff & at real prices & sometimes antiques or things that just arent made like that today. I look at it like this,,it was meant to be ours because we ended up with it..lol.And I hate wasting items.Like alot of people throw things away when they are still useful to someone else.

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    Are you insane? No. We all have personal preferences. Are you the only person to shop at thrift store? No, lots of people do.

    Your friends have their own ideas, respect theirs and they will respect yours. Personally, I think thrift stores have great finds and is not "gross" at all, but I won't argue with someone if he or she does not feel the same way.

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