what makes a speaker shielded?


I know what shielded means but how it works and how to make a speaker shielded is what Im asking

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    a normal speaker has one magnet on the back of it - this magnet has a field of magnetism surrounding it.

    this field affects tv's by actually pulling the signal beaming onto the front of the screen sideways or off center (not an issue with lcd or plasma)

    a shielded speaker has 2 magnets on the back.

    this is where a second magnet is glued to the first magnet , in reverse polarity - this in effect cancels a majority of the magnet field surrounding the magents and making it 'magnetically shielded'.

    on higher end spekaers they could in fact have an anti-magentic metal (mu-metal) that sourrounds the back of the speaker - effectively blocking the magentic field

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    "Shielded" refers to a speaker NOT allowing its MAGNET to interfere with anything OUTSIDE its own cabinet...Magnetic fields from UNSHIELDED speakers will mess up your TV, VCR tapes, audio cassettes or your computer's HARD-DRIVE...But I'm not sure what they use to contain all that magnetism.

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