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Whats the easiest way to get my sleeping schedule back in order?

I'm a recent college grad and things are quite askew, I am going to bed at 7 or 8 am and waking at about 5 pm. What should I proceed to do? Furthermore, my gfriend continues to lambast me with criticism about my poor habits.

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    I can relate: been there, done that. In your question you didn't say if this was because of a new job etc, so I will assume it is just nerves and the like.

    The best way is to get your circadian rhythm back in order. The way to do that is to do *whatever* it takes to stay awake at least until the sun comes up. Get as much sunlight as possible (bright artificial light at the very least) When you cannot stay awake a moment longer - go ahead - sleep. BUT sleep with the curtains open and the lights on. When you awake, if it is still daylight, go outside (or sit by an open window) and allow yourself to experience the light dimming naturally. After about an hour of darkness, try to sleep again. If you can - fantastic, but if not, stay in darkness. Do not turn on lights if at all possible.

    After a few days of this, your body will reset itself and all should be back to normal. As for your girlfriend. Promise her that you are trying, and then really try. Give yourself (and her) a time-table after which if all is not better you will seek the help of a medical doctor.

    Good luck and sweet dreams!

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    I placed my daughter on a feeding and sound asleep schedule at around 3 months, and it became with the aid of a techniques the perfect subject to do. She became sound asleep 10 hours interior the direction of the night at 4 months and 12 hours at 5-51/2 months. She is now 9 a million/2 months and nevertheless in this sound asleep development. She sould awaken on the comparable time, nap on the comparable time, and bypass to mattress on the comparable time. (ideas you there are continually those circumstances whilst it doesnt extremely artwork out like this yet she might get ringht back on the schedule the subsequent day). i think of the faster you're able to do it the extra helpful. each and every thing it plenty extra helpful this style. good success and that i'm hoping this helped ya. :)

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    when do u want to slep during the day or night

    during the day stay up as late as u can

    during the night get up about 6 or so so then ur tired at night.

    Source(s): i have to chang my sleping habbits every week
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