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hi say i bought a item from a website and i choose(bill me later option) what if i never pay what will happen?

how can i get bad credit when they have no credit card info of mine or my social sercurity and wrong phone number.what other way can i get bad credit or somthing bad to happen to me.

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    They will most likely harrass you until you just pay them so they will leave you alone. I bought a magazine subscription once and never sent a payment to them, and they kept sending me these letters saying that they were going to turn it in on my credit. I have never saw anywhere that they did this to me. I would not worry too much, but if you have the product, you should pay for it. Thats the right thing to do.

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    Any company that offers a "bill me later" policy that is willing to ship to you without credit card or personal info (including social security number) is not a smart company at all. I haven't seen this happen ever.

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    they dont need credit card info maybe they can report you to a credit agency i haven't heard of a bill me later option maybe you pay when you receive the item C.O.D

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    is u dont pay they will refer your account to collection agency and put it on your credit

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