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Plz help!!! How can I view photos from digital video camera?

I wanted to view the photos from my digital video camera so I got the cd and installed the program but I dont no how to view the photos on my camera? I need all the help I can get.



Its already been plugged into the USB drive and I have already installed the program. I got 3 bonus things that came with the CD:

1) Panorama Maker 3.0

2) Photo Impression 3.0

3) Photo Montage 2000

Please help me I am really desperate to get the answer I need!!!!!

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    First of all you have to find out what kind of camera it is.

    There are two (2) ways in which the camera saves a still image.

    1 is on the tape itself

    2 on an SD card.

    if its 1.

    You will need to connect the camera to your computer and download it using the sofware that comes with it. It usually saves its in JPEG files. You may view these files using the fax viewer or any other image viewer if you are using a PC. imovie or iphoto if you are using a Mac.

    if its 2

    Then you have the option to connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable or a Firewire cable.

    But i do suggest the you get a 6 in 1 or 12 in 1 card reader. This is a good investment. You will be using this card readers over and over again for differents cards.

    Hope this helps. Let me know the camera model this will help.


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    Remove the digital memory card from the camera.

    Insert the card into a reader that has a USB connection on the other end. It will appear to be a hard drive.

    Copy the picture filed from the reader drive to a folder on your hard drive.

    Run the program (or a browser) and select the files that you want to view.

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    best bet would be to take it to an electronics store. i used to work at circuit city but i cant help you with out actully seeing it. um if it has a mini-usb port then u need a usb cable, if it uses a card like a small blue SD card that u put into the camera then u need a card reader was there a cable that came with it, try reading the manuel

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    viewing the photos is one easy thing!!!!!!!

    all u hav 2 do is attach the cable of the cam. with the system!!!!

    nd voila!!!u can c and cherish all the spl moments!!!!

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