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Tendonitis, Bursitis or a Clot?

On xmas day, after putting on a pair of sneakers, I noticed the area behind my ankle was sore. I later noticed it was swollen and painful to touch....there is a knot or something hard underneath the area running between the back of my ankle & the back of my foot that isn't on the other side. I went to the doc on Thursday & he basically said he thought it was bursitis & to come back if it got it's much worse, and he's been closed for days & it's driving me crazy. It's not too bad in the morning, but at times during the day it is so painful it feels like I'll be crippled for life. I have stayed off it as best I can & elevated it, but it's getting much worse. It feels to me like something is out of place. It's an area of my foot that I notice I often sit on, which is why I'm a bit concerned about a clot. I'll go back to the doc tomorrow...what should I ask him to do in terms of tests or referrals? Thanks so much.


I should have added that hte hard area is on the outside of my left foot, in the hollow area behind the ankle.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I doubt it is a clot but if you have any suspicion that it might be a clot head to urgent care immediately as a clot is not something that can wait till morning. If you are having trouble walking it would actually be a good idea to get it rechecked ASAP. If you wait till morning just let the doc handle it. I am sure he will order some x-rays and maybe a doppler to check your circulation.

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  • m c
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    If there is a doctor on here, we would all be lucky. I think you are doing the right thing by contact your doctor. You need to have this checked out, that much pain, there is something wrong. i sort of doubt it is a clot, I had one nearly like that, I had a tiny fracture, causeed by sitting on my foot. You sure need a x-ray before anything else. Hope you feel better real soon. Keep us updated, I would like to know what it turned out to be.

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