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Everytime i try to hug him, he does a cheek-to-cheek touch?

why do some guys do that?


i didn't think this was important information, but yes he likes me. i know.

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    They're Gay.

  • Wendy
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    Hi! First of all, how old is he? Is he a virgin?

    SOME virgin males are afraid to hug a woman because it excites them too much, and they are afraid of, well, they will get very embarrassed. ( pre-mature ejaculation )

    SOME guys are intimidated by a woman's touch-don't know why!

    SOME guys- In their nationality, cheek to cheek touching is the same as hugging.

    SOME guys just aren't into hugging, cuddling or holding hands, unless they are in bed, or getting ready to go to bed!!!

    SOME guys are intimidated by a woman if he feels she is beautiful. Why? Afraid of the rejection! A guy doesn't want to be shot down.

    SOME guys wont hug a female, if she is only a friend. He may think this is not proper. ( Depending on age and maturity )

    SOME guys DO NOT want hug a female, if he HAS a girl friend.

    SOME guys don't hug, because they know they will develop emotions or feelings for the girl based on the feel of the hug.( yeah, its true. Some guys think they love somebody just because they hugged, or had a quick kiss. )

    GAY men WILL hug, by the way. They like to hug! I worked with a gay man, and he loved to hug me! I AM female.

    * Ask him! "Why dont/wont you hug me back?" ask it with a smile.


    Source(s): My ex-husband- He is next to me, and I asked him to list of reasons!!!
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    nicely old ppl do this. maybee if like her heritige comes from spain or italy or france or ya understand the Europe ppl then its in basic terms a friendly greeting. it could have been in basic terms a lil custom of her relatives that she has purely gotten so used to she shares with all human beings. and if ur like this in usa you could die in spain. women kiss on the cheek while they see eachother!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not trying to be funny but check your breath.

    I met a guy that I thought was soo cute

    (the kind of guy every girl meets when no one else is looking)

    great job,

    nice car

    all the trappings of sucess.

    I could not figure out why he was single

    went in for that first kiss and thought i would vomit

    I didnt have the nerve to tell him (didnt want to hurt his feelings, didnt know how he would take it ) so I said nothing


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe it's because he knows if he does a full body contact hug, he'll will become aroused and be embarrassed.

    Just a thought......

    Happy New Year!

  • y do u want to hug him if hes not interested in the first place!!!!

    anyway if u r pining so much to get a hug then find sum1 else..hes not worth it

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    Do yall go together and if so ask him how he feels about u do he feel da samae way. And if not den thats why he is probably doin it.

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    Why don't you express yourself openly and ask him openly? A relationship is about getting to know someone, and we are all different?

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    Maybe it is more comfortable for him or something. It probably doesn't have anything to do with you, so don't worry!

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    Is he European?

    I've never known "some guys" to do that.

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    hispanic people do that all the time its called a besito

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