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ryan ross!!??

wtf happened to ryan ross? he doesnt look like the cutie he is!!or is it him...hmmmmmm...IDK plz tell me if u do no!!!

thnx soo muchooo


btw if u wanna c wat i mean click this link:

Youtube thumbnail


wait i dont feel like backspacing so im just gonna say it is ryan..but he has like a beard and he looks soo much older :( i dont like it at all!! WERE IS MY CUTIE RYANN

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    what beard??

    i didnt see a beard...

    omg i love themm

    they're so friggin hotTTT

    beard or not , i still think hes hot

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    i tink,no offence 2 u r me r ne ryan ross fans,dat maybe he grew a beard so all d girls wont follow him around so much wanting 2 fcuk him nd have his kids n shite,i mean wud u want a shite load a people stalking u around trying 2 rape ye?

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    He looks pissed off. & I agree, he is cuter without the beard. He looks more innocent.

  • 1 decade ago

    he's trying to confuse us. fight off the gay rumours and all.

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