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Baby Names?

I'm 27wks pregnant and still don't know what I'm having. I have allready picked out a girls name:: ((Hope Elyzabeth..)) but I am still debating on the boys name. So I'm turning to the good old "yahoo answers" for help lmao. Soo.. which names do you like the best?...Ooo and I want the middle name to be Malaki, I think it's really cute, and I don't know anyone that has that name. Also I like to change the spelling of some names to make them more un-usual and different.





(add some more that you like?)

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    ♥ ♥ your names are nice, just remember he will have to go to school with those names... and kids will tease him so pick a name carefully ♥ ♥

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    I like your girl name, thats cute, but I think it would be prettier if it was Elyzabeth Hope. For a boy, what about Kristian Malaki? Jakob Malaki is cute too though.

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    Like the girls name. Like the boys middle name. Maybe Malaki could be the first name?

    Don't like Earon - reminds me of ears

    Don't like Jakob - reminds me of cob (corn cob)

    Like Joseph & Kristopher - Joseph Malaki, Malaki Joseph, Malaki Kristopher sounds good to me. Matthew Malaki, Michael Malaki.

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    To tell you the truth before I even got to your short-list of possible boy's names, Joseph just popped into my head as a good on to go with Malaki! You might consider the alternate spelling, to make it Josef Malaki . . .

    As you mihgt know Malaki is a Hebrew name meaning "my messenger"

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    Ella Rose is cute! i'm not a huge fan of Veronica yet Veronica Mae sounds great :) i appreciate Emerson! i change into going to signify Emerson Rae yet after I suggested the further ingredient about how Emerson Bay change into the position you met your husband.. that makes Bay look extra effective to me. I cant %. a fashionable. i love all of them, yet Emerson Bay has the most which potential it style of feels. strong success and Congrats!! :)

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    I really think you should brain storm it yourself & find which one you like saying. You can also wait til baby is born and it may hit you what you'd like to call him or her. Happy New Year & Congrats & Best Wishes for you & little baby! :)

    P.S. It may help to have a baby's name book with you in the hospital & when you are recouperating with baby, go thru the names & see which one feels right! :)

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    Jakob is really cute. I like how you spelled it =)

    I also love the name Caleb for a boy!

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    Pick a strong, masculine name because it will influence how he is perceived in the world... Something like "Stephen Alexander" or "Ethan Alexander."

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