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when getting your racket restring, how do you know what tension the string should be?

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    There is a recommended range from the manufacturer for each racket. Your stringer should know these.

    Also it depends on what type of strings you're gonna use.

    If you want more power get it strung with less tension, but you'll sacrifice accuracy.

    If you want better accuracy get it stung with more tension, but you'll sacrifice power.

    I would suggest if you're a beginner get it strung somewhere in the middle of the manufacturers recommendations.

    A good pro shop stringer would be able to assist you.

    Don't trust the big retail sports shops like MC sporting goods or ***** usually they are not tennis players and have no first hand experience.

    Source(s): Tennis Player since 10yrs old. USTA member and player.
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    Well I don't usualy mess with my string tension. But if you want the basic or recomended tension I would say to look at the side of the throwt of the racket. It should be there if you use a Wilson. I play with juniors and that is wear I find mine. Hope I help.

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    I'm not a tennis expert but I believe it's somewhat a preference sort of as in golf and hockey with the flexibility of shafts. Some players in ice hockey like wood with no flex and others want graphite and space age fibers with as much flex as possible.

    I think the most important thing would be to talk with the person restringing the racket as to what type of player you are and how you prefer attacking the ball. How you hit, how hard you hit, forehand, backhand preference, strengths, weaknesses, etc...

    If they are a professional they should be able to instruct you as to the best tension from your preferences.

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    Each racket has a recommended tension range. They'll tell you when you go get it re-strung. I usually go right in the middle, unless you have a certain preference, that is the easiest.

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    It's personal preference, the lower the tension, the more of a trampoline effect, and thus more power. The more tension, the less power but more accuracy, it's a trade-off. There are also limitations on the raquet, recommendations you will see on the inside of the neck. I've strong mine at higher than that recommended, you risk voiding your warranty, but none of my raquets ever broke.

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    on the inside of the throat it will give you a suggested tension. For example 120-150. From there it's personal preference.

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    Maybe this link will help:

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