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Is there any new Nintendo Wii games coming out soon?

Hello i have a Nintendo wii... and sadly i am allready bored of it.... its worth the money but it defintly wasent worth camping outside toys r us for 10 hours....i downloaded a few games from the internet and i got bored of thoses too....Is there any game coming out soon thats going to be great....or is this going to be just like when the gamecube first came out.....i do not like zelda....

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    Theres a lot!

    WarioWare: Smooth Moves - Jan. 15

    Wii Play - Feb. 12

    SSX Blur - March

    Mario Party 8 - March 5

    And also:

    Dungeon Explorer

    The wold famous SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL!!

    There's a lot more games released than you tyhink. Its just that most stores don't get all of them.

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    nicely 80% of video games for the Wii are for youthful human beings so fi your into Hardcore killing and action video games then you definately probably would desire to bypass with Xbox 360 or something. i'm getting the Wii as a results of fact NINTENDO continuously have video games with attractive characters in it like Harvest Moon and Mario. how are you able to hate Mario?

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    Go to , type in your Zip Code, and it'll tell you what stores in your area are getting the Wii and its games and approx when


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    You've got the right Idea!

    Here they all are the site updates as they come out they are being sold quickly!

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    1 decade ago !!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, be patient and use that gooey thing in your head

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