How come love dose not mean the same as when you where with someone for the rest of your life?

People will, be with someone for a month and say I love you to them. Teens that are 16 are saying they love there boyfriends or girlfriends and really do not care if they break up the next day. So why is it so easy to tell some that you love them. And why is love not as strong, as be4 when are grandpernts were born and they whit on person till death do them apart?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because so many things have changed from generations to generations, women before didnt have much choice and divorce was rarely an option...some people before condemn multiple relationships....whereas in the present time, we are more free to express ourselves anyway we want, we can dance in the streets almost naked, and we can have as many marriages and divorces as we want......We can easily say i LOVE YOU because it is really how we feel at that moment...It only depends if we really mean what we said....

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    Because that wasn't love. THat is/was commitment. You stayed with someone even if you were miserable, because you were told you had to. Now, you can love someone, and decide, that you don't want to be with them. You can leave them divorce them.. or etc. That doesn't mean you didn't love them.

    I can honestly say, I'm one of those people who probably say " I love you" too soon. But its how I feel. And I love each person, still to this day, that I ever said that to.

    They weren't the right person for me though.

    Now, commitment is when you spend your life with someone. It may be because you love them or for some other reason.

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    Love isn't as sacred as it used to be, it is a term used very carelessly. Most people who say I love you don't understand what the true meaning is - especially if they say it right after meeting someone or in the case of teenagers. There are many people though who do love their spouses and do stay married and together throughout their lives, but they are fewer than many years ago.

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    Because alot of people don't know what real love is. When you're a teenager, alot of tome they think they are in love, but maybe it's only infatuation. As you get older, your understanding of what love is gets better, or is supposed to. When you see grandparents still together, they are the ones who understand what love is and what a marriage is all about.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What????? honey "Their" is possessive "there" means "over there", GrandpArents, WITH not whit, and Dose not dose. Man high school students these days are really deprived of spelling and grammar.

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    people change when they are in a long relationship, is not the same as when they were younger and the love is gone or they lost interesting in love or being together.

  • JAMI E
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    1 decade ago

    Love is just as strong as it was back in the day. Its just bieng abused nowdays for sex. (bad thing) Its not really the women who started it Be careful..

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