I sign in with my nickname into Messenger, but the name I used to sign up with comes up as he "sent from" name

It didn't ever do that until I downloaded the latest version of Messenger. How can I fix this?


I sign in to Messenger with the name I have always used, mikemcgyver. It used to be all I needed to do. Then when I sent a message, it said it was sent by my real name instead. I don't want to show my real name. I want to show the freaking name I sign in with.

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    1 decade ago
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    Click messenger on drop down click on "my contact details" here you can remove your real name.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do not worry. This is what you should do.

    When you sign into your email account, look at the top right hand corner for Options.

    1. Click the Options.

    2. Look for General Preferences.

    3. Click on it.

    4. Change your name in the From Name (that will be your outgoing email name)

    Please remember to click Save.

    Happy New Year!!!

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