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what can avoid me from pregnant accept condom.. any pills or...?

i have last day menstrual at 10,dec....and i did intercos on 22,dec did i have a possible to pregnANT how many percent ?

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    It's very likely you are pregnant, if not than you are very lucky and you should talk to planned parenthood right now.

    The best thing to keep from getting pregnant is a little thing called abstinance. It means not having sex until you are ready for the responsibility of being a parent.

    Barring that, you should be on birth control, and use a condom. The pill is only 99% safe, and many people get pregnant depending on that. the Condom not only will overlap with a 90% assurance, but will keep you from getting skanky STD's that cause cancer and infertility.

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    Of course you could be pregnant, you had sex, didn't you? I'm a little concerned that you are sexually active and are clueless about the various methods of birth control.

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    birth control pills are 99% effective condoms are a good idea on top of pills due to the infectious disease problem.

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    well, your name says it all. you are waaaayyyyy too young to have sex. why are you having unprotected sex? on top of having a baby at a young age, you can contract HIV, AIDS, and many more serious STDs.

    concentrate in your english classes (lord knows you need it). learn to spell properly, and stop having sex.

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    ok yes u can be pregnant.

    also apart from pregnancy theres othe things condoms protect u from stop being stupid use something

    or keep them shut

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    If you do not let the man *** inside you! Make him pull out!

  • girl there is something called birth control how old are you??

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    yes u can be pregnant

    consult with doctor

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    get one of those operations who cut something (down there) to stop sperm

    (warning it last forever)

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    The only way you can ever make sure you will not ever get pregnant is to NOT HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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