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bags under eyes?

I'm only fifteen and I have bags under my eyes

I get at lest 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night

why would I have these?

is there a way to get rid of them?

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    If you're getting enough sleep and you don't have allergies then it's probably heredity. Look at other members of your family and see if they have bags as well. If they do then chances are you have inherited them. I got them and not cream, serum, or treatment worked. The only effective thing I did was to have an upper & lower eyelift. It cost about $3000 and was well worth the money. Now I have no bags. You're still a bit young, so I'd check my diet and lay off of the salt and alocholic drinks. Anything that contributes to swelling. Happy New Year.

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    Sometimes they're hereditary. Look around at your relatives and see who's got'em and how old are they; are they young like you. Or you could get real brave and ask some of the older ones how long they've had bags under their eyes. I have a friend whose had them since he was two years old; I've seen the pictures. Poor guy.

    About the only thing, short of cosmetic surgery (and you're way too young for that) is the old tea bag trick. Rinse a couple of tea bags in cold water, lay back and press them onto your eyes and relax for about twenty minutes. The won't go AWAY but it will help. There is also the old model's trick. I've heard models on TV tell this one. Dab a little Preparation H (the hemorrhoid ointment) under each eye and smooth it out then apply your make-up. This will tighten up the skin under your eyes and reduce the bags. I know it sounds kind of oogy but the cover girl models can't all be wrong...can they? Good luck sweety.

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    15? let me give you some good advice. All my young years I worried about dark circles under my eyes. It runs in my family. Now I am 57 and I kinda welcome the bags because they make the circles a little less obvious. Stop worrying about little things like that and love or over-love the good things about yourself.

    I sure wish that was all I had to worry about.

    I have learned that most people are not even looking at us as closely as we are looking at ourselves.

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    If the bags are directly under the eye, it could indicate a kidney problem. If the bags are lower, it could indicate a large intestine problem. Google it.. you'll find out info

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    Plastic surgery.

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    Estee Lauder has gooooooooooooood skin cream.

    its like under eye stuff.

    but i forget the name of it but it sounded convicing...

    try dillards for it :)

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    U probably lack in vitamins.. drink lots and lots of water.. and a lotttt of vegetables will definitely help!!

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    do not drink at least 2 hours before your sleep

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    use cucumbers or avon has these tea bags that are suppose to be good, also drink plenty of water or you could use a good concealor

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    i usually use cold towel or even ice on my eyes.... cause it can reduce swallon... there's many reason causing eye bags... one is the circulation of the eyes is not funtioning well... so u can do massage to your eyes...lightely and in a circulation motion

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