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I need recommendations for hair salons in Atlanta, Ga?

I have long straight black indian hair and I want to get it permanently curled...loose curls. I have a picture of what kind of curls I want. I am originally from NY but am near Atlanta, GA for the moment. Do any of you recommend a good place to get my hair permed?

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    human beings might desire to do what they desire with there hair, despite if if its relaxer, a perm or a colour. Why assume the guy is 'conforming to the dominant important bypass seem'? each and each physique has 'loose will', and if someone needs to straighten there hair or curl it then its their determination no person elses. I particularly have under no circumstances considered all and sundry replace their hair under duress. additionally human beings frequently desire what somebody else has.. 'The grass is generally greener on the various component' , I particularly have wavy hair, I the two bypass with the aid of way of slightly the region i desire curly hair ( had loads of perms interior the 80's - chuffed that surpassed) or i like it lifeless at as promptly as. Now a days all I do is dye it. i do now no longer probable like my greys to tutor.

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