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What Animal Do You Believe is the SMARTEST???

I think cat's....I had a persian who could do tricks,was very protective,he would run to the door and alert me before anyone rang the door bell,and saved my life one night by alerting me that someone was about to break into my house!

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    Rats. I have nine, they all know there names and come when I call. I can even walk them outside and they know tons of tricks.

    Dogs aswell. My lab was so smart. Also all those working dogs are extremly smart. Leading blind people, finding missing people and helping the handy capped. They are by far very smart

    Monkeys too!!!

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    Science has long measured the abilities, memory and intelligence of animals. The most intelligent are thought to be chimps (as were sent on the early space flights). Second are the great apes and third Orangutangs. The truth thos is that many people believe their pets to be smarter but unless they were measured for spelling, name recognition, following complex commands and mental recall of data that is more complex than 5 steps, they would pale compared to chimps and some of the other ape family.

    Personally though, I like to think my Yorkshire Terrier is the smartest. Not because he does tricks, which he does, and not because he knows his name or follows instructions which he also does. It is because he had the good sense to love us and to express it warmly and loyally.

    My daughter says he is the smartest animal on earth because he had the good sense to join our family. I hope this answer assists you.

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    Dolphins are believed to be the smartest ocean mammel

    Chimps. are believed to be the smartest land mammel

    Parrots are believed to have the mental capasity of a 5 year old child

    As far as memory goes; Dolphins are the best mammels

    But, do you know who wins the prize for memory in the avian group?

    The chicken (I'm not kidding; thats a proven scientific fact; they even have a better memory than dogs and cats)

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    This is really a personal stuff. Many might think that their kitties or parrots are the smartest. It totally depends on how u train ur pets. The intelligence level of dogs in some breeds is exceptionally high and if you take my opinion , I would say that a Labrador is a right choice . To know more about my Lab chk out

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    You're cat sounds very smart -- I don't have much experience around cats because I'm highly allergic.

    I do have a dog, though. My Shih Tzu is pretty smart -

    When he wants a bath, he jumps into the tub & barks

    When his water bowl is empty, he'll push it out into the middle of the kitchen so we'll stumble over it and fill it up

    When he wants us to get up in the morning, he'll jump up on our bedroom chair and onto the bed, then put his paws on us until we get up!

    Happy New Year - enjoy your pet!!!

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    1. DOgs

    2. Cats

    3. Birds

    4. Frogs

    5. GOld fish


    1. Dolphins

    2. BIg Cats

    3. Elephants

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    My dog was the smartest and was there for me for 18 years. He was my soul mate. He always knew when something was wrong and he always cheered me up and like your Cat was protective.

    Happy New Year

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    lots of people say dolphins are, personally, I think dogs are. Some dogs, not the inbred ones and such, but there are some very smart ones. Like the dogs who are trained to find people in avalanches and dig them out.

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    Actually in my opinion and research. I would have to say a mouse. Believe it or not they are actually similar to humans, maybe not physically but internally. Their internal organs are almost exactly the same to ours. It is because of mice we have cured cancers today. We have been able to do research with them and they have about 90% the same reaction us humans have. Although i am against animal testing, where would we be without mice?!?

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    We are the smartest animals on the earth, although many of us don't act that way. Next are the chimps and apes.

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