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help with hair dye...anybody???

my hair is currently dark auburn but i'm getting a little bored with the color and ive been thinking of dying my hair blue-black, and if all goes well i was thinking of putting in some blue streaks to match. (yes, i know it's a little out there, but just go with me here) anyway, i was just wondering if anybody out there knew about any demi-permenant (lasts about 28 washes or so) hair dyes in the "blue-black" color region and i was going to ask if anybody knew of any permanent color streak systems, but now that i think of it, i'll take demi-permenant streaks as well. THANKS! =D

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    ur best bet is going to sallys hair supply store they have some great permenant and demi permenant hair colors and they carry anything from orange to blue to lime green.. if u don't have a sallys hair supply near u u can always go to any hair salon supply store.. but sallys is just about everywhere.. but if ur gonna go blue black and then try to put blue streaks in it be careful because the streaks may not show up u may want to section out the hair prior to dying it

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    demi-permanent hair dyes have a common problem of "poor" fading of colour.. as in, it could stain the pillows you sleep on or the collars of the shirt you wear when your hair gets wet with sweat or from washing. i guess it could be avoided if administered properly, but given a choice, better not use it?

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