On a PSP game how do you get the Internet part to work. We dont have any instructions on how to work it.?

Also can you install games from your computer or download it another way onto the PSP.

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    My husband got a PSP for Christmas, and we set his up together. I will try my best to give you step by step directions.

    First off, you need to get to the main menu from wherever you are on your PSP. You can do that by pressing the Home button, a tiny button just to the lower left of the screen.

    Now you'll want to move left (pressing the "<" button) until you get to Settings, then down (pressing the "V" button) until you get to Network Settings.

    Now you'll have two choices: "Ad Hoc" is when you want to connection two PSPs together with any sort of Internet wifi base station / access point involved, and "Infrastructure Mode" is when you connect to your local wifi device. The latter's what you want.

    You'll probably only have the one choice of New Connection, but if you don't, choose it anyway.

    First option is to specify a mnemonic connection name. The default is usually "Connection 1" but yours might be "Connection 2", or similar. When I am using the psp, I enter a different name so I know which one is which. To enter a new connection name, press the "X" button and you'll get to the "keyboard" screen.

    When you're done struggling to enter your selected name :-)

    (I say this because I hate, hate, hate typing things out on the PSP.) move to the green "Enter" box and press the "X" button. Now you'll be ready for the next step: a Network Scan.

    If everything's working well with your device and you've turned on the WLAN switch you'll see the following status message:

    "Scanning. Please Wait...."

    Hopefully, you'll see at least one network listed, if not more. If you don't see any networks, then you're out of luck. If the only networks you see have some sort of security setting, either WPA or WEP, then you must know the security password to access that network.

    Once you're ready, the next step you'll want to take is to select an access point.

    Now you'll have a chance to confirm your security setting from the different choices. Notice that the default is just about always the correct choice, which you can select by pushing the ">" button again and again. Then, skip right past the Address Settings and you will get a confirmation screen that shows all the settings you've specified. Press the ">" button again to save the settings that you just set up. Last thing is to "test" the connection, by pressing "X". After that, if it shows up, you're all set!

    Good luck. I hope that helps you out! I am sorry I couldn't be more detailed with it. Hope it works for you!

    Oh, and as for installing games/downloading things from your computer, we have this cable:


    We haven't used it yet, but I know that it's for getting things from your computer. :-)

    Source(s): My husband owns a PSP, and Iam the one that initally set up his Network Settings for him. :-)
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    whered you get it that you dont have the manual? anyway, make sure the WLAN Switch is on, (left side switch)the you're gonna need a place to connect wether it be a WiFi hotspot or your own home with wireless internet and just follow the instructions on the game screen. yes you can install games but im not sure there are any out right now that i know of

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    u have to have wireless internet

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